Jesse Came Athi.

Jesse Came down to earth to lift up your spirits and to ensure that you’re never gloomy. He is a rapper and writer from East Africa. He loves everyone and everyone loves him.

To buy his ebook ‘foul mouthed negro’ go to;

Jesse Came Athi.

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Confused love

I’ve come to realize that no one really hates anybody. it’s just that some people don’t know if it’s love they are feeling. their system is confused. Some people hate themselves so they reflect their hatred for themselves on other people. why I’m I saying this? Let me give you a scenario involving two guys. […]


By Jesse Came Athi. No moreStarless nights,Stars no longer hidden by clouds.We need Rainy days, we need sunny days.Its time for light to shine,Because of the necessity,To take away darkness,Necessity to shine. Time for stars to come out,Time for clouds to pave way,I believe God wants the world to see light,The world is so cold,We […]

Life in this world is all a test.

By Jesse Came Athi. God knows the future. He knows everything before it happens. He created the devil to be a rebel. He knew the devil would do what he did. As he was creating the human being, God knew what would follow soon after. He knew that humans would be tempted by the devil. […]

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