A lady with an implanted butt.

I have had this thought in my head for a while now and I need to say something about it. A lot of people nowadays are performing skin surgery on themselves to change their bodies to look like what they perceive to be atractive. Some Men can’t be confident without big muscles. Some women on the other hand can’t be confident if they don’t have round boobs and a size eight body figure plus a big behind. Some other men and women aren’t comfortable with being dark skinned so they bleach their skins. I have heard that there are some pills that if swallowed ,magically make some areas of the body that were loose tighter, those that were small bigger and others curvaceous.

A curvaceous bootylicious lady.

If you highlight your body parts excessively you are bound to attract a lot of attention. Will you be able to handle all the attention you’ll get or will it cause you to go bezerk? People peeping at you everywhere while hollering at you loudly on the streets as if you’re a hoochie. Many of the attempts by most people to change how they look failed terribly. People have ended up looking like rigged bazus with left hand muscles being bigger than right hand muscles. Those that tried to increase the size of their male organs have ended up with ‘inflated tires’ that can’t ‘rise up’ by any means. Several Ladies have ended up with one butt cheek being bigger than the other.

A woman whose left side butt cheek looks bigger than the right side one.

They are now struggling daily with an imbalanced behind. People are crying daily due to some poor choices they made while high on Mercury.

Before and after plastic surgery.

So don’t change how you look. That’s how God intended you to be. Don’t try to correct God. Trust me even if you succeed in having that perfect booty, no man wants to spend the rest of his life with a woman who attracts the eye of every man. No lady wants to spend the rest of her life with a guy who wants to attract every lady. The one that matters will love you for who you are not because he got attracted by your body parts. Only a person with a commercial sex worker mentality would want to change their body to seem extremely sexually appealing so if you don’t want to be chased around everywhere by people demanding for sex please don’t invest your money on changing how your body was born to look like.

True love is not attracted by changing how your body was designed by God. True love only comes to those who stay true – Jesse Came Athi.

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