Magufuli Won.

Deceased Tanzanian president.

Don’t let them intimidate you. They can only kill the body if you stand by the truth. If you stand by their lies ,they may not kill your body but they will have killed your soul. Your body will age and die one day anyway so it’s your soul that’s important.

The process of ageing.

As long as you have eternal life why should you be made to do something that can snatch eternal life away from you just because they scare you with threats of killing a body that must die eventually even without being killed by a person.

Cherish eternal life.

Magufuli won by not letting them kill his soul . He’s now in heaven. Killing Magufuli or any other leader that stands for the truth is not the end of Justice and fairness. By being a true African leader Magufuli inspired many young African leaders and it won’t be long before a group of young and resilient African leaders rise up in unity and take over from where Magufuli and the likes of Gaddafi left.

Maumar Gaddafi.

Africa will soon realize that unity is strength. How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and watch. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear of nuclear energy because none of that can stop time.

Bob Marley and the Wailers.

These people came and colonised us then after succeeding in brainwashing us they pretended to have left and we assumed that we had gained indepedence. But they are still controlling us. Disagree with any of their ideas and they threaten to withdraw financial support and other aids. They want African leaders to be corrupt. They don’t want leaders whose aim is developing Africa. They want Africa to always be dependent on them. Any leader that tries to show Africans how to be dependent on God and themselves dies mysteriously.

Pioneer African leaders.

They are scared that if African States United and became one they would lose control. They don’t want fair businesses. They cause a problem then create its solution and people have no choice but to accept the solution hence they make 100% profits. These guys have decided to make themselves gods. Mediocre African leaders have ensured that these people are being worshiped by African citizens. From a distance God is watching us.

Getty images.

These people are soon going to go through what has been said in the book of Micah chapter 6 concerning those that decided to ignore the fact that there is God.

Getty images.

The death of Magufuli is not the end of Africa. They might even vaccinate people forcefully but soon enough God is going to intervene finishing the enemies of Africa and Africa will never be the same again.

Rip John Pombe Magufuli. You won the race.

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By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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