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So many questions.

What if the first people who got HIV/AIDS did not infect others? What if the first person to get Corona isolated himself from people? What if governments did not allow international travel in and out of their countries from the moment the first Corona case was reported? Why don’t people care about others? Why don’t people love others like they love themselves? Why would a parent with suicidal thoughts end the lives of his children? Children whose lifes had just began. Why does the parent decide that just like him they have no chance to make it good in life? Why can’t he commit suicide alone? Is he afraid that they will be left to enjoy this life without him? Wouldn’t he like his own children to enjoy success in life without him in the picture? It’s not like they don’t want him in picture, right? Isn’t it he, himself that has decided to put an end to his own life?

A couple.

Why is that,when someone gets infected with a killer disease ,they don’t want to die alone? They want to infect many others. Is it that no one cares about the universe but themselves? Can’t someone love another one enough not to want to infect them with a killer disease? Couldn’t leaders have loved their nations enough so that they couldn’t have allowed any flights from China the moment the first Corona case was reported? Why can’t these leaders see that they are living lavishly in a poor country, with the money that can make the country rich sitting in their pockets?

An African traditional house.

Imagine that the country is a home and the parents have come home empty handed for their hustling efforts didn’t bear any fruit today, but, three of the sons secretly have bundles of money stashed somewhere under their mattresses. These three sons already ate before they came home and they let the whole family sleep hungry knowing very well that they can help but they choose not to help. Eventually the parents starve to death, then the other poor brothers and sisters turn into cold blooded mad rioters. How can they expect us to help in paying loans that they can’t account for? How can they push the taxpayer to the lowest level and still expect to live peacefully? There are many answers to these questions. Some have said that the answers are so simple. If the answers are so simple then why have these problems become too difficult to solve?

Political cartoons.

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By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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