mental health


Article by Jesse Came Athi.

Hey! Have you ever thought about commiting suicide? What stopped you? Did you attempt it then someone came to your rescue or you stopped yourself from making an attempt? If you have ever wanted to put an end to your own life you’re not alone. So many people are depressed. In a world where getting likes and followers in social media platforms translates not only to fame and success but also to feeling overwhelmingly loved, so many negative feelings are bound to get caught because some people will start feeling unloved to the point of hating themselves when they don’t get as many likes and followers as some others. These people become bitter and eventually hate everything and everyone without really knowing why they are full of resentment. Social media has become like a drug which so many people are abusing as well as addicted to. Nowadays it seems like to make it, you first have to fake it. Fake a lavish life on social media, assume a character on social media that’s not yours, pretend to be rich, say things on social media that you wouldn’t normally say in your actual life and so on and so forth just to be famous on social media. I have no problem with everyone wanting to be an influencer. In fact, being an influencer is fun. My only concern is the way people are living lies. Be your authentic self. Faking it till you make it won’t bring you happiness when you finally make it because you will be living a lie. Knowing you don’t deserve something that you’re being served with brings no satisfaction at all. You can lie to the whole world but you can’t hide your own truth from yourself. You won’t be happy having to always put on an image of someone that you’re not to cover your own image. As you suppress the real you from being seen, you depress yourself and you start having suicidal thoughts. I know of a guy who has been portraying himself to be a perfect person on his YouTube vlog. He has been for years, displaying his private life on social media for everyone to see. Out of nowhere, a girl claiming to be his cousin has surfaced with stories online saying that he impregnated her then left her to take care of their child alone while he is out here creating videos on YouTube daily showcasing how happily married he is. When this story blew out of proportion, the guy made a video of himself crying and apologizing. Don’t you think such a person is bound to gradually have suicidal thoughts? That’s what happens when you put your family affairs online. People should stop making private affairs public. We’ve seen guys who were flaunting diamonds, huge cars, big mansions and   lavish lives then suddenly we stopped seeing them. Where do you think they went? The reason why people are having suicidal thoughts is due to;

  •  Being unrealistic, 
  • Putting all burdens on themselves, 
  • Lack of patience to wait for the right time, 
  • failing to understand their purpose in this life, 
  • Trying to force things that can’t be,
  • Prematurely assuming success,
  • Declaring yourself self sufficient and
  • Thinking that you can change circumstances without involving God.

When you portray yourself to be filthy rich and go around social media pages bragging how you don’t need poor people in your life then suddenly a covid like crisis arises leaving you poor and without a phone (leave alone money for airtime) to brag online, you are bound to have suicidal thoughts because you don’t know how you can face the same people you have been boasting to on social media. How can you go back to the same people you cut ties with and called them bygones. Please, never put yourself in such a position where you have no one to turn to for help because you made yourself an island. If you ever have suicidal thoughts, stop yourself from acting on them by telling yourself that you’re not afraid of facing life. Death is not the solution. Loving yours, getting your other made up personas out of your way and starting to live your life is the solution. You can’t live by trying to be who or what you aren’t. A fish can’t live on dry land just like you can’t live under water. Know your areas of expertise and thrive there. Let me remind you that social media likes and followers doesn’t amount to being loved. If you don’t instantly get many likes and followers it means you are not good at faking things. Maintain being real and gradually you will get real likes from people with real love. If you fake things you will only get fake love. Stay true.

Warm regards,

Jesse Came Athi.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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