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How to stop being the jealous type.

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Article by Jesse Came Athi.

One major problem that leads to jealousy is someone’s degree of possessiveness. There are people who if you get into any relationship with they start thinking that they own you. They don’t expect you to do anything without informing them. They don’t expect to see you talking to anybody of the opposite gender (sometimes even the same gender cause you know lesbians & homosexuals are not afraid to come out in the open nowadays). Some people are so jealous to the extent that they don’t want to see you cuddling up with your pet, may it be a dog or a cat. If they see that you are giving much of your attention to your pet, they will beat the existence out of that poor cat or dog due to their stupid jealousy. These are the same people who get suspicious when you double tap on every pic of someone of the opposite gender on Instagram. The reason why a person becomes jealous overtime is because they want to possess everything and everyone while wishing the opposite for everyone else. They don’t want anybody else to own anything or to have anyone. They want to be the only ones who have everything going well in life so they get jealous when they are not the ones owning good things and good people. They will boast when they get a university degree then suddenly get saddened when they hear that the person they had been secretly competing with is way ahead of them with a master’s degree. These are the types of people who buy a car then show off to people who secretly own airlines and companies, but have never told anyone about it. Selfish people are more or likely to be in the  jealous type category. The happiness of a jealous person comes when others are failing and he or she seems to be the only one that is making it. A jealous person wants to own everything good but doesn’t want anybody else to own good things. Jealousy gets the better of such a person when another person is owning the things he or she thought should be owned by him or her alone. A jealous husband thinks he owns his wife. That’s why he wants total control over every single detail concerning his wife. A jealous wife thinks she owns her husband. That’s why she wants everything regarding her husband to be credited to her. A jealous colleague thinks he/she owns the skills, talents and abilities. They don’t expect anyone else to be more talented or more skilled. They think they own the workplace. Some even think they own their colleagues. When a newcomer comes in and in no time makes friends with everyone in the office, possessive people get jealous. Possessive people have a problem with letting go and letting things be. They are the kind that Kindly get turned down by a lady then refuse to accept that the lady loves someone else and this leaves them frustrated. Some go as far as wanting to hurt the guy who that lady loves or creating negative stories about the poor guy. In short and in my opinion, jealousy is brought about by the habit of being too possessive. The only way to live a jealous free life is to accept that everything and everyone belongs to God. You don’t possess anything. Everything is God given. Only God has the right to be jealous because he owns everything and everyone. You don’t own that car, it can go anytime. You don’t own that knowledge, you just know, but if you misuse it you could lose your mind. You don’t own your lover. They can be taken away from you. If you think you own that boy or girl, what about the woman who gave birth to him or her? Doesn’t she stand at a better position than you to make such claims? If someone can’t love you the way you want them to do it’s good for you to let them be and let them go. Once you accept this truth you will never again feel insecure. You will never be afraid of someone taking your job or your spouse. You will know how to love unconditionally.

Kind regards,

Jesse Came Athi.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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