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Things Change.

Change is a process.

Love changes. Thugs change. Best friends become strangers. Beauty fades away. Money comes and goes. Respect everyone. Be nice. Be humble. Don’t be rude to people. It’s not good to mistreat those under your authority. The rich become poor and poor people become rich. Tables turn. If you’re righteous don’t misjudge people struggling with sins. You might never know the demons they have to battle daily. Even if you are righteous, don’t boast about it. Righteous people do fall sometimes. Life is continuous. It doesn’t stop at your success or demise. Those who are above go below and those who are below go above. The ones that were above but went below can go above again and those who were below but went above can go below again. Life doesn’t end because an individual has achieved their goals. Every single person in the universe has their chances to realize their goals. Life is a cycle. You must neither give up when those who were behind you bypass you nor give up when everyone seems to be progressing and you are the only one who seems not to be moving at all.

Things shift at a speed of light. You might laugh at someone who seems to have failed in life only to beg the same person to give you food a year later. You could be the judge sentencing people to years in prison then later on that same law sends you to jail. You can be the President today then tomorrow get executed for crimes against humanity. Now you may be the one pointing your index finger at people then suddenly fingers get pointed at you. Don’t enjoy other people’s misfortunes. Tomorrow it might be you in that same situation. Stop enjoying when people are going through shameful situations like nude photos leaking. If you find someone being exposed to shame please try to cover the shame. If you come across a naked picture of someone please don’t contribute in tarnishing the name of that person. Don’t share that photo. Ensure it doesn’t go viral. Ensure those who want to destroy that person’s reputation fail. Tomorrow it might be your turn to go through that shame. How would you feel if your naked picture was seen by the whole world without your consent? Before you draw conclusions about somebody just know that no one stays the same.

Change the way you look at things.

People are constantly changing and as they change they change things. God upgrades people to newer versions every year. You might think you know the weaknesses of someone only to find they become strengths. You might think someone’s situation is done with but God is never done with someone who loves Him. If you are the kind that are secretly in competition with other people, doing everything in your power to hinder those people from succeeding then enjoying their demise and getting comfortable because those people’s lives are now miserable, you will be in for a rude shock because things change.

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Warm regards,❤️

Jesse Came Athi.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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