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Let God take charge. He’s responsible for every being.

Article by Jesse.

Why are we so afraid of leaving this world when we did not even ask to come here?

Why do we want to be in control when we had no control over where to be born, when to be born and who would bear us?

Why do we live like this world is ours while knowing very well that everyone is on their way out?

Why don’t we let the one that is responsible for our existence be in charge like he’s supposed to be?

Why do people say that they are heartbroken because another person left them behind? Can’t they move ahead without that person? Do you need a specific person to keep you going? Is another person your source of energy? Why be clingy and dependent on a fellow human being who gets sick and tired of you when God doesn’t mind even if you cling to him forever? In fact , that’s what God wants you to do. He wants you to leave everything to him. The only action God wants you to do is to obey. Listen to what he’s telling you and usually, we want to control every outcome forgetting that it’s God who can do that. People mess up, blame themselves so badly that they get depressed just because they want to have authority over a life that doesn’t belong to them but to God. How will you understand what you came into this world for if all you hear in your head is the worldly noise because you can’t hear God’s voice that’s always there giving you guidance. We pray for God to help us but we don’t let Him help us. This is because we let Him inhabit only a part of our thoughts, refusing to let him be master over all of them. We let God play a role in a small part of our day refusing to let him play the main role in our day to day life. God is invited in some of our decision making but not all of them.

People are used to setting their affections on temporary joys and sorrows of the world instead of letting God have total control over every aspect of their lives. God is good. Imagine if it’s a human being who created you and you start disobeying him. That human being would cut you off immediately. Haven’t you seen parents disown their own biological children when they disobeyed? But God is patient with us. He’s understanding. He knows that with all the noise in the world we can sometimes disconnect but he doesn’t get bitter or harsh on us. He waits patiently for us to remember who we are, who brought us here and why we are here. Do you ever wonder why your prayers aren’t working? It’s because you haven’t let go of your sense of wanting to be in control of what’s beyond your control. You want God to help you and at the same time you blindly don’t want him to help you. It’s like signing up for an affiliate marketing program then refusing to accept their terms and conditions.

God has only one term or condition which is obedience. He wants you to obey him hence letting him steer you through every situation. If you asked for his help let him help you and stop thinking that you are helping yourself. I am not telling you to sit back and wait for things to happen magically. What I’m saying is listen to what God is telling you to do and do that. Go where God wants you to go. Behave how God wants you to behave. Think with Him. Let your mind be synched to His mind. Lose control and give it to God. Allow Him to steer you through and I promise you’ll enjoy the ride! You’re not responsible for your being but God is, so let him take charge not over some parts of your life, but over all of it. That’s when you will feel free. Freedom is sweet dear ones! 


Jesse Came Athi.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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