Happiness healthy living power


Article by Jesse.

In this crazy world one can be extremely happy for a moment and then surprisingly start crying uncontrollably due to a sudden twist of emotions from happiness to sadness. For this reason it has become hard for a person to tell who was and who wasn’t happy to see them because people have learnt to mask their truest emotions. I remember one time back in the days when I used to go for acting auditions at KNT, I had met a friend called Agnes. One fateful afternoon Aggie and I were chilling outside the KNT headquarters and she was unusually happy that day so I said to her, 

“You look so happy today, share the good news with me.”

“I’m meeting the guy I have been chatting with on Facebook today. He’s here. He’s among the judges. If the way he looks on Facebook is how he looks in reality, then I have finally found the guy of my dreams. Oh my God he’s calling.” She said excitedly as she rushed into one of the offices to meet her ‘facebook guy.’

“Be extremely careful Aggie, if anything goes wrong scream and I’ll hear you.” I called after her.

 She didn’t seem to have heard me so I just let her be. Two minutes later she came out sobbing like a baby while cursing all men forcing me to ask her,

“What’s wrong Aggie, talk to me ,why are you crying?”

“I met him kissing another man. How couldn’t I tell that he was gay? Where can I find a real man?” She replied amid tears.

I thought about telling her that a real man was right beside her but I immediately felt sorry for her because she didn’t see me that way and I never knew how to force love on someone so I just offered my shoulder for her to cry on and I comforted her telling her that she would one day find her Mr. Right.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, if you want to avoid people making you sad all the time stop giving them the power to. Happiness doesn’t come from outside you. It comes from within you. No one is attracted to an unhappy person so being unhappy attracts more circumstances to keep you unhappy. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy no matter what knowing that with God everything will come together for your own good. Stop giving people the power to make you happy and unhappy. Be happy by yourself and then you’ll attract more happiness and more happy people who wouldn’t do anything intentionally to make you unhappy. Stop depending on people and waiting on events to make you happy. Start being happy today and realize that no matter what you’re going through right now if you decide to just be happy every wrong and bad  is going to be dissolved and dissipated by God’s divine love.


Jesse Came Athi.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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