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Money isn’t the root of all evil. Greed is.

Article by Jesse.

More often than not, we see people wanting more than they can have. A married guy from West Africa who works with an international NGO relocates to East Africa as asked of him by his employers. On arriving in East Africa, the guy gets rid of his wedding ring to announce to all the East African single ladies, who are so into West African dudes, that he’s available. This is a greedy guy. He already has left a wife back home but his greed causes him to commit adultery. Having completed the duties he was sent to carry out in East Africa, the West African goes back home highly proud of himself for the many women he bedded. At this point, he feels like he can have anyone or anything he wishes to have. This prompts him to start cheating the very company he works for. He starts doing illegal transactions on the black market using the company’s name without the company’s approval. This is because he wants to make more money to please everyone on his never ending list of mistresses. His lust for women has brought about his greed for money. He does these illegal businesses successfully and luckily doesn’t get caught. By now he’s become one of the richest people in West Africa. He decides to venture into politics because he has acquired a lot of thirst for power. He’s so desperate to be recognized so he kills anyone who seems like a threat to his quest for power in the government. He goes to diviners, witches and wizards so that he can be given special charms to ensure that he never loses a political seat. This guy never has enough. He already has 10,000ha of land but he still grabs poor people’s land. As a politician he gets paid a huge salary but he still pockets the money meant to improve the livelihood of the people he represents without forgetting that this money comes from a loan that every single citizen has to pay through taxes. This guy is never satisfied. The more he gets the more he wants. He wants more money, more women, more land, more power, recognition and he never acquires anything rightfully. He’s always grabbing, scheming evil plots, stealing, cheating and killing. It’s never a fair game with him in it. He’s among those judges who never make just rulings. What if he got satisfied with the one million that he was earning at the NGO company that he had been working for? Wouldn’t he still be rich? Wouldn’t he still have enough? What if he got satisfied with just one woman? Would he be taking ARVs now? What if he never had a thirst for power? Would there be so much blood in his hands? Is it the money that is the root of all evil or is it greed? Tell me what you think about it.



By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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