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A man should never move in with a woman if he neither owns the house nor pays house rent.

In ‘come we stay’ relationships, more and more men are becoming dependent on women while more and more women are becoming independent. If you’re such a man who’s in a relationship with such a woman be careful, consider starting being independent and stop relying on her for shelter. You sit yourself in her apartment and laze in there playing video games using her PlayStation, eating her food, using her everything and the next thing you know she is throwing your belongings on the ground floor from the balcony while yelling her lungs out screaming, “get out! Get out you lousy parasite. I’ve had enough of you. What kind of a man stays indoors all day? Get out of my house now and never come back!”

Seriously guys! Here are some of the reasons why you should never move in with a woman if you’re not the one paying house rent.

  • Women still believe that it’s the duty of a man to take care of them.

The reason why women stepped up in the first place is because men stopped playing their roles well. Some men became useless hence women had to become useful so that they could fill in the gap that those men left. Women still think it’s a man’s duty to pay bills and to work so that he can provide for the family. The women you see becoming breadwinners don’t have a choice. They have to because the men they trusted didn’t live up to their expectations so they had to do it all by themselves. Don’t let your woman pay all the bills unless you’re sick and bedridden because she expects you to take good care of her.

  • Women still respect men.

When you see a woman doing what a man is supposed to be doing, she isn’t being disrespectful. Her man may be dead or alive but unworthy. Women never lost respect for men. It’s men who lost respect for themselves. If you let a woman pay all the bills including house rent then you have lost respect for yourself as a man.

  • Women love men who work hard.

Don’t be that man who’s not making any effort to leave the house. Even if you don’t have a job, be creative and come up with a side hustle. But if you stay in her house all day watching movies and playing video games while eating her food what do you expect? Eventually she will lose any respect she had left for you and kick you out.

  • It’s not in the nature of a man to depend on a woman.

Enough with these sob stories of ,’oh women of nowadays have changed,’ ‘there are no job opportunities for men,’ ‘women have been empowered to overpower men’ and so on and so forth. You cannot empower someone who already has power. Women were empowered because they had no power. Men couldn’t be empowered because they already had power. And that power can’t be taken away from them. Women were not empowered to be a threat to men. They were empowered so that they can boost a man with more power. Women still want us men to take control. They are running the show now because men have doubted themselves and stopped trying. These empowered women are still women. They still expect us to hold them and guide them. They still want us to be men so that they can be women who do not have to act as men. Some men should stop being intimidated by the success of a woman and man up.

Sincerely ❤️

Jesse Came Athi.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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