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Don’t give your soul up for your body’s sake.

Don’t get trapped for eternity just because you were scared they could kill your perishable body or you couldn’t tolerate the hard times in the world. It’s meaningless if your Body is free but your soul is held captive. Don’t let them touch your soul just because you love your body so much. The body will die one day actually so don’t give up your soul just so that your body can stay comfortable. There’s no easy way out. It’s good to have money, cars, mansions, estates and big companies because they make our lives convenient. How you get these riches is what you should be careful about. Acquire them in the right ways rather than compromising your soul by performing devilish acts to get rich. The stay in the world is temporary so everything you get from the moment you step into this world is temporarily yours so there’s really no need to hold on and cling on to them as if your life depended on it. Everything from your body, your house, your car, your land, your money and your property is what’s needed to have a convenient journey here on Earth but it’s not what is needed to keep you alive.

Why would you sign up for a deal that involves caging your soul in hell to keep your body safe and secure when you know very well that the body is just a temporary vessel? It’s like an owner of a car saying that he would rather die than lose that car. He can get another car but once he dies he can not even access that same car he’s ready to protect with his own life. Don’t have sex with that married man or woman who’s ready to give you lots of money and other accessories that make life in the world easy in exchange for bodily pleasure. It’s better if you stay without the money than commit sexual sin, live comfortably in this world, then die and have everlasting suffering. Why be a prostitute to dress well and have money then your body grows old, dies and you go to hell? Why be evil to live well in a temporary place then your temporary body which belongs to the temporary place dies and you have no choice but to live badly in a permanent place? It is not necessary to please the temporary body while hurting and bruising yourself (your soul) permanently . Endure now and enjoy forever. It’s meaningless to enjoy these worldly things that vanish at the expense of your soul that will last forever. The body won’t last forever so everything that comes with the body won’t last forever. The pain won’t last forever. The tribulations won’t last forever. The bodily pleasures won’t last forever either so don’t give up your forever for them. The misjudgements of the world are nothing compared to the judgement of God. Don’t do evil trying to justify yourself to the world. Don’t let him use the weaknesses of your body against your soul. Don’t let him lure you with things that make your soul fall asleep.

They can put your body to prison, torture you and even kill your body but as long as your soul is free you’re the Victor not the victim. Nobody can kill you. They can only kill your earthly body. Be firm with your faith like Daniel. Be unshakable. Let them not threaten you because they have nothing on you. They can kill a body but the death of the body won’t be the end of you. It shall be the beginning of freedom. Don’t do anything to get worldly riches but instead ask God to bless you with them because life on Earth wouldn’t be convenient without them. There’s no lack with God being our unfailing, never ending source of supply so never depend on any other power other than God’s for anything you might desire or require while in this world. We stay trapped inside these cages called the body because it’s the vessel through which we travel in this world to pass the test in this school of life and graduate into the afterlife. The body has its limits so it’s when we get separated from it that we taste true freedom for we get wings to fly and up we go to heaven to rejoice happily ever after. But that only happens once we fulfill our God given purpose and all the missions God sent us here to accomplish. Until then, exercise extreme self control over what you allow your body to lead you into and let God control the rest. I may not be an expert on matters concerning life so Kindly don’t forget to leave a comment stating what you think about this. Your humble and generous opinion about this topic really matters.

Article by Jesse Came Athi

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By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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