eternal life power

Life in this world is all a test.

By Jesse Came Athi.

God knows the future. He knows everything before it happens. He created the devil to be a rebel. He knew the devil would do what he did. As he was creating the human being, God knew what would follow soon after. He knew that humans would be tempted by the devil. If God knew that all this would happen, why couldn’t he have prevented it from happening. He could have easily refused to create the devil. He could have created a human being that couldn’t fall into temptations. In fact, God can put an end to the devil right now but why isn’t he doing it? Some would ask, why does God punish us when we fall into temptations when we didn’t even ask to be created? Well, we have no choice but to do what he wants because he is our creator. Cakes have no choice but to be at the mercy of the one who baked them. You can’t create a thing then the thing starts telling you how to use it, right? As you create it, whether it’s a hammer or a pen, you already have a purpose for it in your mind. You already know what you are creating it for because necessity is the mother of invention. As God’s creation , we are the way we are because God created us to be that way. Before you launch a product, you first put it to test ,make it go through harsh conditions and when it survives it all, then you will be able to recommend it to everyone else. All the other products that didn’t pass the test become rejected. In the same way, God intentionally let all this happen. He intentionally created a rebellious Lucifer. He intentionally created a human being who has the ability to choose between right and wrong and to overcome evil or to fall for evil. He let the devil contend for control over humans with him because He’s using the devil as a tester. Those who pass the test will be God’s chosen ones while the rest who fail the test are the rejects that didn’t fulfill the purpose of the creator. God wants to pick the best. Some rebels will ask why they have to be put through all this when they didn’t even ask to be created and the answer will always be, “a cake cannot tell the one who baked it what he/she will do with it.” He can decide to eat it or he can decide to keep it but if it’s purpose is to be eaten then why not eat it? We have no choice but to obey our creator. That’s the test and the devil is the examiner as well as the punisher. He will bring the test to you, and if you fail, he will torment you in hell forever. Take back your actions before it’s too late. Take back your words before it’s too late. Check on your disobedience before the final exam. You’ve been through many trials and the final test is around the corner. Use the experience you’ve gained from the trials to your advantage. God is Keen to see whether you will fulfill his purpose for you or if you will fail to obey.


Jesse Came Athi.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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