Confused love

I’ve come to realize that no one really hates anybody. it’s just that some people don’t know if it’s love they are feeling. their system is confused. Some people hate themselves so they reflect their hatred for themselves on other people.

why I’m I saying this? Let me give you a scenario involving two guys. One is called Mose and the other Aaron. Now Mose hates Aaron to the point that he hits Aaron telling him to not come where he is. Mose does this on so many occasions. Aaron relocates to a small town somewhere in the unknown.

Years later Aaron dies of depression. Guess who cries the most upon hearing the news of Aaron’s death. It’s Mose. Mose thought he hated Aaron but he was the one who loved him the most. He is just a fella with a confused system that can’t tell whether it’s love or hate it’s feeling. That’s how so many people in Kenya are.

By Jesse Came Athi.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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