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Something’s not right. Demons amongst us.

Everything I grew up terming as wrong is seemingly getting approved as right nowadays. My parents, religious leaders and teachers taught me how to behave and how not to behave. I grew up knowing that doing the opposite of what I had been taught is wrong. On growing up, everything I thought is right is being thrown out the window. It’s confusing how one does noble things and gets no recognition at all while on the other hand someone else does what my teachers would have termed as nonsensical and gets world-wide recognition. It’s like what I learned in school isn’t applicable in real life situations and I have to relearn by myself with the world as my teacher. I was told walking naked is wrong but the world is telling me that showing my nudity to the public isn’t a big deal. I was told a man is prohibited from wearing a dress but the world is telling me that as a man I can wear a dress while keeping my head up. My teachers said a man can’t be with a man and a woman cannot be with a woman but the world is telling me that those who don’t accept that are abnormal. Something is wrong fellas. Women don’t necessarily need a man to have sex. This is causing a huge dryspell among broke dudes. The social media then adds insult to injury because the same women parade their naked bodies on social media dancing provocatively making the sex drought on these men unbearable. On watching these ladies, these men either turn to each other becoming homosexuals or they turn to masturbation which leads to sexual ties with evil spirits.

Sexually starved women are also going through the same hence becoming lesbians or masturbating leading them to sexual ties with demons. That’s how the social media is working. There’s a lot of unusualness. The ‘threesome’ issue is no longer a ‘one night stand’ thing. Guys are in it permanently. You can hear a guy confidently saying that his girlfriend is bisexual and that they are in a polygamous relationship because his girlfriend’s wife is also his second wife. Demons are living with us as sisters, brothers, cousins and even parents. Many people are demon possessed. Those possessed with the most demons go viral easily. It’s hard to go viral doing the right thing because to these demon possessed people, the right things are boring.  But if the devil can do it for them, God can also do it for you. Don’t stop doing the right thing even if the whole world is making wrongs seem right. It’s not you that’s lost. It’s the world that is lost. Keep believing in what was instilled in you by your parents and religious leaders while growing up. Don’t get brain washed.

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The foul mouthed Negro.

The foul mouthed Negro is a short and sweet tale about how black Americans behave when they come to Africa.


By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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