Meet The best rhythmic gymnast in Kenya right now.

Illustration of a rhythmic gymnast.

Her name is Shazz Lolita. She is talented and possesses rare skills in rhythmic gymnastics. She has confident body movements.

She performs every Friday at the Kenya cultural center which is somewhere in between university of Nairobi towers and Kenya broadcasting service. Alongside her, are various cultural bands that dance to African beats and drums while some even perform African traditional folk songs.

Tamper band drummers.

If you are looking for a good place to spend your Friday afternoon and evening then the Kenya cultural center is the place for you to be. This is because you will not only get entertained but you will also become conversant with Kenya’s diverse cultures, and for what? Just a small fee of 100 shillings to help the dancers, drummers, singers, acrobats and gymnasts sustain themselves.

Apart from Shazz Lolita, there are several other outstanding performers i.e in the field of acrobatics, drumming, dancing and singing African folk songs.

African Dancers.

You don’t have somewhere to be next Friday? Make plans to go to KCC/KNT and have some fun.

Watch the video of Shazz Lolita warming up below.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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