Money, power and greed.

What to have a firm grasp on from the Morogoro tragedy.

So many people, most of them Bodaboda operators, died in Morogoro Tanzania some months ago as they were trying to fetch petrol from a petrol transportation lorry that had overturned.

The people were burnt beyond recognition causing sadness and mourning in Morogoro and East Africa as a whole.

From this story you are advised never to run to fetch petrol from a vehicle that is involved in an accident because it’s most likely that there will be an explosion. In as much as the petrol prices have gone up and as a Bodaboda operator it’s very tempting, think about your life and your loved ones for a minute before you jump into such an opportunity. As the Swahili say, ‘Greed killed the hyena,’ so do not be the hyena who always becomes greed’s victim.

Here’s the tragic video from Morogoro. The images are disturbing so viewer discretion is advised. May their souls rest in peace.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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