Money, power and greed.

If Sodom and Gomorrah was an actual place.

artistic illustration of sodom.

If Sodom and Gomorrah was to be compared to places in the world today I’d say that almost every urban place in the entire world is like Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodomy and lesbianism has become a norm in the society we’re living in. It’s almost like those who are straight are the abnormal ones. Theft has become glorified to the extent that those who don’t steal are afraid of speaking up. Fornication is now a daily routine among the little children whose minds have been overfed with pornographic content. Money has become the new god that everyone is sacrificing their everything for. When people are asked why they are doing terrible things the best excuse they can come up with is ,’for money.’ So now if you kill for money you can get away with it cause the money will save you. The judges will free you for money. The lawyers will defend you for money. The society will not see how terrible you are for money. That’s why now parents won’t raise a voice about their teenage girls sleeping with old men and vice versa, for money. When all the emotions that have been surpressed for a long time finally burst out it’s gonna be a tragedy. But the old guys sleeping with youths young enough to be their children, don’t get comfortable. The youths wouldn’t care if you died the next minute. All they want is your money. In fact if you asked them who they hate most in the world, it would be you lustful old guys. For not helping them without asking for sex in return. For making them do something that they can never forgive themselves for. For making them miss out on love. You are making it seem like it’s the money that is in control but it’s you and your selfish desires. I’d understand an unmarried old person who marries a young person but I wouldn’t understand a old married person who sleeps with young people without any intention of keeping or marrying them. If you are one of these old people Just know that you deserve two bullets in your head for fucking up young lives but let God do you justice because He still cares for those to whom injustice has been done. Behold the Lord is coming to destroy the wicked and restore holiness.

Check out how one young woman in Nairobi was caught on CCTV cameras spiking the drink of an older guy she was out on a date with.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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