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One day old Baby found abandoned near Africa Nazarene University.

Baby found abandoned photo/Courtesy.

Residents of Olekasasi location in Ongata Rongai today were stunned by the cries of a newly born abandoned baby which was left by it’s mother at the open fields neighbouring Africa Nazarene University.

One man of Goodwill found and took the baby to Olekasasi Police Post where as he was recording a statement with the police, he named the baby Bahati for he considered it lucky to be alive.

The police are now looking for a person of Goodwill who would wish to take care of the baby boy until he is old enough to be admitted in a children’s home.

Olekasasi Police Post commanding officer has openly rebuked the act of the child’s mother saying that as people enjoy sex they should be ready for anything that having unprotected sex might bring about.

The baby’s mother is however not known yet residents suspect it could belong to either one of the commercial sex workers who inhabit the town or a student from Africa Nazarene University who isn’t ready to become a mother.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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