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Easy way vs Hard way. Can you fight for your personal indipedence?

Being independent and dominant is harder than being dependent and submissive. People study so hard to get a chance to work so hard for somebody else because that’s easy.

Majority want the easy way out. The minority that know it’s going to be hard but still go for it are the ones who become bosses. The road to success is not easy. You go from being loved to being doubted then being rejected and written off.

No one believes your vision until they see it happening. Many will say you succeeded overnight for they do not know the story behind your success. No one wants to suffer with you but everyone wants to enjoy the fruits of your turmoil with you.

The ones who could not believe in you will be there to celebrate with you when you finally become successful. They will be heaping praises on you saying how proud of you they are and how they knew you would make it.

Some who once called you insane now say you did the impossible. Those who laughed at you will wonder how you did it because to them what you were trying to do was foolishness. No one wants to suffer. Most people study hard to get high grades then eventually get employed due to the fear of suffering.

I’m not saying being employed is bad but if you dare say that you can make it without getting employed, the employed won’t be able to see how. They want to be comfortable, buy a simple car and live in a decent house. That’s success to them. They don’t want much.

They want just enough to sustain them. They want to serve but not like Jesus taught. No one wants to struggle with actualising an idea that no one is supporting. Those who want to be indipendent are the ones who have it rough in this life but when they eventually succeed they know what freedom really tastes like.

Why couldn’t they just get employed first then quit their jobs after saving enough money to invest in their ideas? Maybe it’s  because they thought it was easy making it without an initial source of capital in a country where getting support from the government is easier said than done, just like expecting manna to fall from heaven.

My point of view is similar to that of Jesus. To be indipendent you first have to be dependent on someone. You have to serve under a master, mastering his techniques till you become a master yourself. You have to depend on a stronger source until you are strong enough to run on your own.

Which way do you want? Do you want to be comfortable and accept what you get or do you want to have it all? If you want the hard way, do you have what it takes or will the struggle for your own indipedence lead you into depression and regrets? You have multiple choices so don’t get spoilt.

By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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