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Man kills another man in a fight over a waitress.

Photo/ courtesy.

An unindentified male has killed David Maina, 35 years old, over a 27 year old Miriam Njeri in Mwiki Kasarani.

Njeri and Maina who had been drinking at a local pub, were returning home at 1:40 am Thursday morning of October seventh only to open the door of Njeri’s apartment and find Maina’s killer had laid an ambush for them.

Photo/ courtesy.

It was from then that a confrontation ensued. What began as a verbal altercation escalated into a physical fight in which the infuriated man hit Maina in the head with a stone killing him there and then.

Police are now holding the said waitress, Miriam Njeri, at Kasarani police station to assist them with investigations.

Woman in handcuffs.

Kasarani DCI detective Vincent Kipkorir said the suspected killer vanished immediately after becoming aware of the killing.

A police hunt for the man on the ran is ongoing.

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