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Masinde Muliro University student stabbed to death outside the university premises.

Google photos.

Jonathan Telewa, a third year engineering student from Masinde Muliro University has today been stabbed to death by unknown people who students say does charcoal burning business.

He was coming from class on his way home while being accompanied by his friend when this unfateful incident occurred.

He died shortly on reaching at kakamega hospital where he had been rushed for treatment.

Cornelius Chimoni who is a student leader in the school has condemned the killing blaming it on local administrators who he said should eradicate bhang smoking among locals as he believes it’s what has triggered locals to start killing students.

He says that a person cannot become chief in a place he wasn’t born in.

Cornelius Chimoni, a student leader in Mmust alongside fellow comrades.

This comes barely months after another student was raped and murdered outside the school premises.

It is known that local residents are not in good terms with students of the university.

Students have now blocked all roads going to and from kakamega to demand justice for their dead comrade. May his soul rest in peace.

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By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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