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Antisocial but social in social media.

Social in the media, antisocial on the ground. Photo Credit:

It’s not news that these days almost everyone is trying to get social media attention.

This is inspired by success of those who went viral and trended on social media for some video they shared on one of their social media accounts.

Everyone from police officers , Medics, Soldiers, Teachers etc. wants a share of social media fame because they believe that it opens a door of opportunities.

There are others that are making so much money posting dirty videos on some explicit platforms and they share telegram links to their dirty channels on Facebook.

Due to this people have little or no time to socialize in person because the process of creating content for social media keeps them engaged to their phones all the time.

Whenever they are not on their phones they are thinking so hard about what could go viral so that they can work on it.

Then there’s the other group that does not post anything on social media but is always there criticizing and dropping hate speech in comment sections. This group’s main aim is to discourage whoever they think is on the way to success through the social media and other ways.

This group accuses people of chasing clout as if getting clout isn’t the reason through which people succeed in the Media and Entertainment industry. Their comments will leave a weak minded person thinking that what they are doing is wrong but as long as it’s a message you feel comfortable sharing with the whole world, there is nothing wrong with it.

If they ever accuse you of chasing clout tell them that you are posting videos with the intention of getting everyone’s attention because that’s what the media is for. To spread a message through a medium. You can’t spread a message without seeking attention so chasing clout is not something you should be ashamed of. As long as you’re not doing anything that affects people negatively.

Otherwise as we we are social on social media let’s also set time apart to be social away from your phone or computer. Also don’t force it. If creativity is not for you try other ways of succeeding in this life to avoid stressing yourself with something you cannot handle.

With reference to this article, I made a spoken word like narration of how being social in the social media but antisocial in reality has affected the society we are living in. Kindly follow the link below to check it out on YouTube and also subscribe to the channel and share widely.

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By jessecameathi

Writer and artist from East Africa.

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