Don’t think twice about insuring your future. Make the best decision and act on this financial advice.

At this time and age where there are very many scammers online, it’s good to have a reliable source of information that points you to the right direction.

When it comes to matters concerning finances, you want to know that your money is in safe hands.

At some points your money maybe in safe hands but then the interest rate being charged for it to be kept safe for you makes sure you’ll never get something worthwhile in the end.

Banking is good yes. Saving with a Sacco or a bank is good but they are taking advantage of your financial insecurities by charging very high interest rates.

That’s why Sanlam’s financial improvement program has come up with a way you can save up for yourself or your child’s (children’s future) without being charged any interest.

You get premium discounts if you pay quarterly or yearly. Incase of any unexpected problems (God forbid) like critical illneses, Sanlam will cover 50% of your medical bill and that will not be subtracted from your money. It will be free of charge and there will also be a waiver of premiums.

Sanlam’s flexi saver ensures that you have your future covered so that when your finances will be tight ten or 12 years later when things get hard you will have a backup plan.

The flexi educator policy ensures that your children’s education will be catered for by Sanlam even if you don’t afford it in future because you’ll have saved enough by the time they are needing the money and you’ll be charged no interest. You’ll also be liable for premium discounts and tax Reliefs.

Make a wise decision and start saving with Sanlam today. Pan African insurance rebranded to Sanlam because it wanted to expand from Africa to the whole world. It’s the only financial institution that is here to empower Africans by making sure they save to have a good future.

Sanlam is the only company whose clients have nothing but good testimonials and positive things to say concerning how the company handles it’s client’s financial problems.

Join Sanlam now to secure your children’s future as well as yours.

Remember there is no waiting period to receive your money incase of an accident or permanent total disability. Incase this happens you receive 200% of the sum assured.

Contact us today; +254101461508

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