Story by Jesse Came Athi.

Once upon a time Catherine used to hate. She used to see people happy and ask herself, “what’s there to be happy about? Can’t those fools see there is never a happy ending in this world? Can’t they see that it all ends up in tears ’cause everybody dies after all?” 

Catherine used to be weird or awkward. Maybe both. She used to see lovers kissing and say to herself, “That’s stupid.” That was her way of thinking then. Circumstances had made her seem distant and cold. 

Catherine hated that she had to act like a man to survive in this world. She hated the tomboy she had become. She hated men. She hated how men broke her mother’s heart. She hated that her mother had to take her own life because of a man. All men were the same to her. 

Catherine used to hate love. She thought love was for the weak. She never liked being emotional. She used to always put on a tough look. She used to wear baggy jeans, a baggy hoodie and a cap. The odd thing was she wasn’t a smoker like every other tomboy then.

If a boy approached Catherine trying to sleep with her she would either punch him in the face or spit out punchlines from her mouth that would make the boy disappear from her life completely. 

Catherine used to be a hard nut to crack. She never had friends. It was hard to see her perfect body figure when she always dressed to look like a man. It was hard for anybody to recognize her beautiful face when she always roughed it up. She never used to smile. She used to hate conversations. She would bash any act of kindness from anyone for she used to know that every show of goodness was just but a pretense.

She used to be alone all the time but she never seemed lonely. Catherine used to think she would never love until I came into her life and changed everything. I’m the only one that recognized that perfect figure hidden inside baggy jeans. I’m the only one that saw the fine face and those kissable lips. I’m the only one that saw the lovely person that was hidden inside the tough acts. I’m the only guy that dared to grab her by the waist and pull her closer to me. I never got intimidated by who she was pretending to be because I recognized who she was. 

I made her smile. I made her laugh. No one had ever heard her laugh before. She felt so comfortable around me that she started confiding in me and I felt sorry for what she had been through. She now laughs when she remembers those guys that gave up on her instantly. All she wanted was someone who wasn’t going to quit on her when things got hard. Someone who would be patient with her. 

Catherine stopped being a tomboy when I came into her life. She suddenly became all feminine and her tone of voice became so soft. She became so tender and so loving. She stopped wearing men’s clothes and this beauty declared herself all mine and me all hers. My name is now her last name. Guys who had a bad perception of her are now rueful when they think to themselves, “she could have been mine, I should have seen beyond the surface.” I found out Catherine had been a virgin during our wedding night as we were consummating our marriage. I am glad to have such a loving, loyal and faithful wife.

For once, let’s ignore the few that hate for no reason. The thing about most people who hate is that they have been through traumatizing experiences. They once trusted and were betrayed. They were once kind, warm hearted and loving but were taken advantage of. People just don’t see it. The truth about those who hate is; they only hate those ones who fake it. They hate evildoers. They will never hate you if you’re not faking it. They act like haters to avoid being hurt. 

Your real haters will act like they love you when it’s convenient for them and when things get hard the love will disappear with them. The funny thing about those who hate is that when they love, they love wholeheartedly. I repeat. The funny thing about those who hate is that they have true love inside their hearts. 

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