She used to be the sweetest girl.

I remember her. She used to be the sweetest girl. Beautifully made. No flaws. Not in her body, not in her personality nor in her voice. She had the warmest smile on earth.

Her cheerfulness and gracefulness made being around her feel comfortable and safe. While growing up I went to the same Sunday school with her. She used to lead us with worship songs and men! Her voice was ‘angelic.’ Her name is Angelica. Angelica was obedient to her parents and she was always guided by the scripture being so careful not to go against anything it says.

A boy tried to hug her once and she screamed, “rapist! Rapist!” When people gathered around asking who the rapist was she said, “he tried to wrap his arms around my shoulders.” The people went away laughing while shaking their heads. Let me admit it. I always had a crush on her. Who wouldn’t have? She was beautifully made.

There was no other way to stay close to her than to study the Bible with her till late in the night. She listened to no other stories apart from Bible stories. I liked studying Songs of Songs with her because that was the only time I got to say what was in my heart to her even if she didn’t know it. I remember how her whole face lit up while we read these songs of Solomon.

One sweet Friday the serpent came into the garden of Eden and convinced her to eat the forbidden fruit. She had accidentally watched some adult content before she came to me begging me to have a share of her forbidden fruit. After that, I thought we would have a relationship but men! I was wrong as always. Guilt made her run away from home. That was the last time I heard from her until I came to the City.

Ten years after her disappearance, I decided to go to Nairobi City and look for a job there. As soon as I alighted the vehicle I had boarded to the City, I saw a battered girl chewing muguka while dressed in rags. Her face was disfigured but I recognized her. I ran over to her and asked her,

 “Hey Angelica, what happened to you!” 

“Ondoka hapa Malaya wewe. Kwani unanijua? Sikujui( get out of here hoe. We don’t know each other).” She yelled at me causing a scene.

That really broke my heart. My sweet Angel Angelica was now nothing but a shell of her old self. Why do we let the devil take the best people away from us? 

Remember these stories are fictional and are meant for entertainment purposes only. Do not take them seriously.

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  1. Jaymeemah says:

    Nice! Though I really wonder what happened to her


    1. 😊 thanks. The answer is in the story. I don’t want to spoil the puzzle.

      Liked by 1 person

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