If you have unwanted programs in your mind, go back to factory settings to reprogram yourself.

How to restore your thinking authenticity.

They said his problem was psychological.

But how could a psycho sound logical?

Could it be the doctors that were crazy? Crazy for putting him in a mental hospital. Misdiagnosing him, killing him with antipsychotic drugs. They misjudged him for being dressed in rugs.

What kind of world are we living in? People are getting alienated for not fitting in. Somebody on top wants a controllable society. If you can’t follow societal norms you don’t belong to this world so they kill you with drugs. Kill you with silence and rejection until they kill you with depression.

The top dogs will even kill you with guns if you oppose their ideologies. Society is ill. Different ones get terminated. Should we keep speaking in one voice when our inner voices are telling us something else?

They installed their programmes on our minds so we should restore our factory settings. God manufactured us not to be like man-made things. Go back to being how our creator wanted us to be. Get off that mask. Do not be afraid to be yourself and stop caring what people will say because you came into this world alone and you will leave alone.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone. They don’t want you to know your purpose because if you found out, they wouldn’t be able to use you. If you knew who you were, they would know you would be a threat to them. That’s why they keep you blindfolded. They want you to stay scared in the dark so that you keep needing them. All you need is already in you.

God’s original code is somewhere deep inside of you and all you need is to seek for it to take you back to your original programming. That’s how you will find your true purpose in life.

After all, the alleged lunatic was not insane. The doctors were crazy to think that he was crazy. They should have given him antibiotic drugs instead of antipsychotic drugs and brucellosis wouldn’t have reached the chronic stage. When they found out it was already too late.

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