Erick Omondi of all people should know why the Kenyan entertainment industry is dead.

Erick Omondi.

With all due respect I think Eric Omondi should avoid talking about how the Kenyan entertainment industry is not growing because he and every other Kenyan artist, comedian, actor or even promoter that has made it to a certain level are to blame for this.

Erick should stop the lame game and accept that he and his peers in the industry are the reason why the industry is not growing. For example if an upcoming artist in Kenya wanted to collaborate with him, he would charge a lot money such that the upcoming act wouldn’t be able to work with him. But he doesn’t charge foreign acts anything so they feel superior because we treat them like so. We make foreign artists feel like we love their work more than we love the work from our own local artists.

How can an industry grow if there are no new and fresh recruits coming in. There are very many studios in Kenya but no record labels. There are very many promoters but only two or three are credit worthy. And when you reach out to them they make it hard for you to come to an agreement. An upcoming who records a song with a studio in Kenya is left to market the song on their own without being informed on how the music business goes. Established artists are the real foes to the growth of our entertainment industry. They were helped but when it’s their turn to help someone come up they turn a blind eye or help someone who isn’t better than them because they think they can stay on top forever. Is where they are on top really? Being known locally and being little known and even unknown internationally?

Erick Omondi shouldn’t complain about the entertainment industry in Kenya being the way it is because he has been here for long and we haven’t seen him help anybody get up without asking for money first. The gatekeepers in the Kenyan entertainment industry blocked the entrance of many talented individuals who by now could have raised the bar higher. Before Erick says whatever he is trying to say below again, he should at least help two or three really talented and unknown artists grow then I’ll believe that he cares. I agree with everything he is saying in the post below. I just think that these words shouldn’t be coming from him but from someone who has at least been seen trying to help the industry improve. Check out what he said;

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