After Risper Faith called out Tanasha Donna for refusing to pay for a body enhancement surgery, this is what to conclude.

Tanasha Donna & Risper Faith.

Socialite Risper Faith has started a brawl with Tanasha Donna in which she alleges that the singer failed to pay for her cosmetic surgery.

From screenshots taken by from Edgar Obare’s IG page, Risper is seen claiming that Tanasha came to her inquiring about her experience with cosmetic surgery.

Risper goes ahead to claim that she later recommended a Kenyan cosmetic surgery expert to perform a Brazilian butt lift procedure on Tanasha. Risper says that part of the deal was for Tanasha to give the company a shout out on her social media which Tanasha failed to honor.

Risper said, “the surgery went well and she got her dream body. Later on after she was healed, she was supposed to post on her Instagram and say who did it and how it was. They even hired a team of videographers to film everything. Two weeks after surgery she went missing in action.” She even added that Tanasha did not finish her aftercare which is very risky.

My opinion is no lady can publicly admit that they had a cosmetic surgery performed on them because everyone wants to be naturally beautiful. Only a fool can admit publicly that they felt insecure about some parts of their body that they had to have them enhanced.

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