English Malenga.

Poems; jesse came athi.

I’m not about to be conned again,
the game is making my heart cold again,
after a long wait my name got called again,
so now it’s time to regain,
the pleasure that was taken by the pain,
don’t talk about me being your main man,
I’d like to think I’m the only one.
How do you have fun when being a side chick is your side hustle?
why do you like bending over for assholes?
Girl do you derive pleasure from pain?
Sugar is sweet but high blood sugar is what?
I have many options but I choose to stick to one,
There are many easier ways I could have done this but I preferred this one,
Compare me to none,
I’m no better I’m no worse than anyone,
I’m just me and there cannot be another me.

English malenga,
that’s me.
what I left out,
Is proverbial.

Men you can have what you call “bitches”
I don’t want them,
All I want is one human woman.
I’m not looking at the surface but beneath,
where I come from you’re still a boy till they eliminate the sheath,
They teach you about African culture with wrath,
So that you may never forget.
Count your self among the lucky ones that know about Africa’s hidden treasures and never regret.
I refused to be hurt,
That’s how I became heartless.

English malenga,
Not me.
Nothing is ever left out,
It’s always in between the lines.

Poem from Jesse.

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