When the criminal is in jail.

Poems by Jesse Came Athi.

The criminal is in jail, Hail us law keepers, we took the law in our own hands,
Acting on a law maker,
Who also happens to be a law breaker and a home wrecker, Got an orphanage full of his bastards sleeping on double deckers.
We inflict terror on gangsters,
All the bad boy acting fades away
when they see us,
Eyesight is compound not only fixed fore,
They were breeding violence look at what they bore,
They bore anarchy yet they ask what was all that bleeding for?
Did you think you were invincible?CCTV everywhere and you thought you were invisible?
That you could mess with our principles?
You are not the principal at the institution of life,
Even Kings, Queens, princesses and princes fall,
Life takes and gives in the measures it deems proper,
Sometimes good fails and bad prospers,
But most times in the end only good goes far.
To some it seems so fair,
To others it seems so unfair.
It’s a relief for the hard workers,
And a loss to the sex workers,
When the criminal is in jail.
Peace at last for the honest wage earners,
The used to be obedient learners,
And the now Law abiding, to the letter, citizens,
When the criminal is in jail.

The ship of Justice can sail,
The Train of fairness is back on the rails.
The judiciary strived to reject the bribe.
When brilliant lawyers have failed,
Corrupt leaders will wail.
Ill will, will finally rest in peace,
when the criminal is in jail.

Poem from Jesse. One💓

Jesse Came Athi is a writer, a poet and a salesman from Kenya. He’s found across the internet as Jesse Came Athi. Just go to any search engine and type the words Jesse Came Athi and on the search results follow me and subscribe to my channels/accounts on all sites. God bless 😇

Jesse Came Athi.

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