Willy Paul, Kibe, kamene & Jalas react as Diana Marua is mocked by Kenyan meme creators for being Diana B.

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Diana B.

Content creator Diana Marua’s decision to venture into the music business as a rapper has been mocked by hateful and mean meme creators who scorn successful people from the shadows.

After Bahati unveiled Diana as a new artist, Diana B under CMB in a ceremony on November 28, Diana has released a new rap song on YouTube.

In the song Diana has made her debut performance by remixing Mtaachana Tu, a song in which she was featured by Bahati.

Here are some of the mockeries by meme creators;

Also see singer Willy Paul’s reaction to Diana Marua being a rapper below;

Andrew kibe’s reaction;

Kamene & Jalas’ reaction;

My opinion however is that Kenyans are just being hateful and Diana Marua’s rapping skills are not bad at all. My plea is fans should give her a chance. She is just trying to express herself. Listen to her song on YouTube ;

Check out her first performance:

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