Where does your ticket indicate you’re going?

“The body or you? The body represents everything that is vanity while you represent eternity. Will you give up eternity just for a short lived vanity? Don’t give your body everything it asks for. Give it only what’s good for it for as long as you are in it.”

When you have very many bad options
and only one good option,
how many options do you have?
Does your perception of attraction
always have to lead you to self destruction?
When there are many roads but only one
leads somewhere, will you take it
or will you be blinded by the flash lights
and end up choosing the wrong one?

Will you let the night life blur your view of the bigger picture?
Don’t rattle yourself by trying to settle here where you don’t belong.
Only your vessel will settle here.
Keep moving.
The journey might be so long but always remember that the body is only a vessel to carry you around as you tour earth.
You’re just here on a mission from your home nation so don’t lose the vision.
You will travel to many places.
You will go through many phases.

You will stop by many stages and count many ages.
At the stages you stop be careful what or whom you let alight from your vessel.
Beware of what or who you let board your vessel.
Choose carefully the places to go because if you let your vessel drive you to places without your control it might have to go back without you.
The final stop in life is at the airport called death where you will leave your vessel parked and take a flight to either heaven or hell.

You will have two options, good or bad.
Bad isn’t really an option but a distraction from the only option.
At the airport’s reception you’ll hear,
“Good evening dear esteemed client. This is Eternity Airlines, we offer flight services to only two destinations. Where does your ticket indicate you’re going? Heaven? Go that way please. Hell? Go the other way please.”

At that point either your good deeds or your bad deeds will replay in your eye lens like a rewinded CD tape.
Your life’s deeds will have already booked a flight ticket for you to either ‘El Paraiso’ or to ‘hell’ that’s why I’m telling you to make things right now while you’re still traveling in this vessel called body.


Jesse Came Athi.

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