These are the best hip-hop artists in Kenya, the rest are just hyped by the media

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5. Abbas kubbaff

Abbas kubaff

This guy can rap like a beast with a sick flow and deadly rhymes. He has been in the game for almost two decades now yet every time he is featured in a song he always murders his verse.

4. Chiwawa


Just like Abbas kubbaff, Chiwawa has been in the game for a long time. His rap skills are well complimented with metaphorical lyrics that reasonate well with the streets.

3. Scar


Over the years hip-hop groups have been vibrant in Africa mainly inspired by USA hip-hop groups of the 90s. These groups always produce one or two exceptional artists who always stands out from the group and for wakadinali that artist has to be scar. The guy is a scary lyrical threat to rappers. His lyrical performance goes well with his unique flow and has already been embraced by hiphop fans.

2. Kaa La Moto

Kaa la moto

This artist from the coast of Kenya has proved time and time again that he is all about hip-hop and good music. His songs are meaningful with helpful messages. His skills are outstanding yet he is not all over social media trying to front, fake problems in his life or create scandals all around himself just to get people’s attention.

1. Kitu Sewer

Kitu Sewer.

Believe it or not, Kitu Sewer is the best Hip-hop artist there has ever been in Kenya. His music is prophetic. He has outstanding lyrics which are full of every aspect of poetry. He doesn’t shy away from creating music about real issues affecting real people in the society. He does not chase clout. His music since the times of Mashifta up to now speaks for itself. Even after the death of his friend G Wiji, Kitu Sewer has managed to stay true over the years.

While there are many good rappers with big names, there is a difference between being a rapper and being a hiphop artist. I think the above mentioned artists would be bigger if they got the media hype. What’s your opinion?

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  1. Hassan Ndolo Salim says:

    Salute ninja ndani ya hood real recognize real

    1. 🖖💂 ndio hivo ninja shukran

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