Things any man would like about a lady

1. When you’re happy with yourself

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Nothing attracts a man to a lady more than when she is happy by herself and isn’t always having mood swings. Men fear going into a relationship with a woman who is always complaining and nagging.

2. Your smile attracts men to you

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Men like what they see and if all they see in your face is a frown, you will scare them away. When you smile to a man, he will automatically start a conversation with you but if you put on a stone face, everything he could have said to you will evaporate and he will be avoiding you from then on.

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3. Men love a playful woman

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Deep inside, there is a small boy inside all men who just wants to play. A woman who is girlish at times and is open to being playful with a man is more attractive than one who always dismisses a playful man as being childish.

4. Men like a kind woman

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If you are constantly being impolite to a man, even if you are the most beautiful lady in the world or you are hotter than the summer, he will eventually lose interest and forget about you because you weren’t kind to him. Even if you don’t like the man tell him so politely and be kind to him because other men who you might like may get a bad perception of you leading to them not approaching you ever.

5. Men like women who have their life put together.

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No man wants to marry a woman and end up becoming her therapist. No man wants a woman who does not have friends, a career and a high self esteem. If you have a dark past, get over it and embrace a new present form that is pleasant and appealing to men. Forget about your former boyfriends who happened to be jerks. Be a new self and never look down on yourself.

6. Women who love and enjoy life are get more suitors

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If you don’t love your life you will always attract people like you who don’t love their lives and the situation will be pathetic. If you love and enjoy your life, you will have more options to choose from in terms of selecting which man to be your life partner.

7. Men love clean women

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No one approaches a dirty woman. A woman who haves sex with different guys during different intervals in a day but doesn’t clean herself will be smelt by men from miles away. You have to smell nice as a woman. Men will like a clean woman. Clean not only in the sense of body and clothes, but also in terms of spirituality. This means that a sexually immoral woman is unclean and though men will not tell her, they don’t see themselves spending the rest of their lives with her.

8. Men like it when you wear their T-shirt or Hoodie

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They won’t tell you but it turns them on when you’re in their T-shirt or Hoodie and it appears oversize on you. It gives them a sense of you belonging to them and them belonging to you. After that he will get more intimate with you and you will see him wanting to cuddle with you more. The science, chemistry or whatever it is not explainable.

NB: Just like women, men also love a woman who is creative in bed. I did not mention it because this one ought to come after you have gotten to know each other and probably gotten married. You might argue that it’s fun yet the idea of sex before getting to know each other does not always end up well because after getting sex, most people don’t feel like being committed anymore. That’s why the process towards a long lasting relationship has to be commitment first then sex later and not sex first then commitment later. Maybe you think that you don’t want to be committed to one person your entire life but after years of having sex with different irrelevant people you will feel lonely and want to settle down with someone you can belong with but the one who you belong together with might be long gone.

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