Most beautiful things in the world

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1. Love

Love is a beautiful thing but never get it twisted. Love does not mean possessiveness or being overly obsessive over something or someone. The beauty of it is invisible but the feeling of it is more beautiful than anything you can ever feel. God himself is Love. We can’t see Him but we can feel him all around us if we tune in to the high frequencies of love. The beauty of love is clear when you love someone without expecting anything in return. It’s rare to find true love because most people don’t know what love is. They think that love is when you see a pretty precious thing that is attractive and you want to keep it all to yourself. When you stop loving expecting that everyone you love will love you back and you start loving just because loving is what you are supposed to do you get the most sufficient inner peace. Love is seen through actions of kindness, gratitude, compliments and other positive actions.

2. Happiness & Peace

The reason why most people are unhappy is due to lack of self acceptance. Everyone wants to be someone else they are not. People get depressed due to comparing themselves with other people, wanting a life that is not suitable for them. People are out here competing with people who are not even on their lane. You can’t put a hockey team against a football team. It’s either two hockey teams competing against each other or two football teams competing against each other. We are not all meant to be the same. Everyone is blessed or abled differently. You can’t be a Policeman and a teacher at the same time. You can’t have all the talents and gifts. Accept yourself for who you are. Use what you have to the maximum and you will Excel. If you start wishing for what you don’t have while misusing what you have eventually you will lose everything. Work with what you have and be contented. Embrace yourself, love yourself and by doing that you will feel the beauty of happiness. Competing with people who are not competing with you will lead you to bitterness.

3. Good health

Being always in good health is beauty. Never take it for granted. You can have everything but without good health you won’t have peace. You won’t have happiness. Good health comes from living a healthy life. By a healthy life I mean, eating a balanced diet, having a loving heart that does not harbor hatred or hold grudges or feel jealous, having calmness of thoughts without always being anxious or nervous about what’s going to happen next by knowing a bigger force than you is in control and everything will happen for your own good. Resist bitterness and instead be better that you were before. Bitterness leads to bad health. If you maintain being happy and make peace within yourself, you will have good health and a long life.

4. Legit Wealth

Everyone wants wealth. No one wants to stay poor. The problem is you can’t be wealthy if you want to be who you are not. You will be rich by bettering the best version of yourself not by copying the style of someone who became successful because what works for them is not guaranteed to work for you. Each one of us has a role to play so play your role and stop assuming other people’s roles because you won’t be able to do better than them what God equipped them to do. Do what God equipped only you to do. Ill gotten wealth is ugly because you won’t have peace or happiness knowing that karma is after you.

5. Knowing your purpose

Living a purposeful life is a very beautiful thing. Most people come to this life not knowing their purpose and leave it having never really lived. To know your purpose, have a vision of God then get a vision from God and then you will hear your missions from God. Accomplish them. It brings a lot of satisfaction. Other people may not see it but if you feel it that’s all that matters. Knowing your purpose adds meaning to the life you live and living a meaningful life leads to a long long life before eternal life.

6. Kindness

When you are going through a hard time and someone is kind to you, how do you feel? Isn’t that feeling beautiful? When you are being tossed around by people who are being unfair to you, then someone stands up for you and defends you giving you back your honour you feel so good. When you are struggling financially then someone helps you with finances, you feel so good. If someone accomodates you when you have nowhere to go, it feels so relieving. Kindness is a beautiful thing.

7. Mercy and forgiveness

If you are guilty and you are supposed to be condemned then the one in power forgives and shows mercy on you that’s a wonderful feeling.

8. Gratitude

When you show gratitude to those who help you and for what you have, you will feel more peaceful and contented than when you don’t see what you should be thankful for. Those who helped you will feel good about helping you if you are grateful to them.

9. Having children

Children bring a level of happiness that is immeasurable. Seeing the little humans jumping up and down, being playful and making lots of joyful noise makes you feel good. Realizing that you are part of the repetitive production of awesome living beings brings a lot of joy. It’s a beautiful feeling.

It’s not all gloom. There are lot of beautiful things in the world. These are just a few. Feel free to add anything else in the comments section. If you have nothing to add, Adios!


Jesse Came Athi.

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