Top 20 Most Talented female singers in Kenya

20. Cece Sagini

Cece Sagini

Real name Cecilia Sagini Kemunto, Cece Sagini first came into the music scene through a collaboration with Jimmy Gait in a song called appointment. It is the song ‘sio mwisho’ that proved how Talented she was as a singer and as a vocalist. She has a few other songs to her name and the fact that she is not active in the music scene does not make her any less talented. Cece Sagini’s song ‘sio mwisho’ is a song that encourages people not to commit suicide. The song can cure depression.

19. Viola Karuri

Viola Karuri

This woman is Talented with a gorgeous voice. She came to people’s attention when she did a Swahili cover of despacito in 2017. She has since released her own original compositions including nitakungojea, nakupenda among others.

18. Adasa Dasa

Adasa Dasa

Born and raised in Mombasa, Adasa Dasa real name Esther Adasa is of Tanzanian Origin. She is a good dancer, has good stage presence and her singing voice is amazing. If all goes well for her, She is on the way to massive success. Her song nawe gives men sleepless nights.

17. Serro


Her style is unique. She is a powerful volcalist. She fuses benga with a jazzy Afro-Pop sound mixed with aspects of traditional Kenyan folk. Her debut single ‘Rongai’ was produced by Sauti Sol’s Polycarp. She has since produced good songs like kasyoki wa mitumba

16. Phy


Coined from the term phylosophy, Phy Mwihaki Ng’etich is well known for winning the musical competition Maisha Superstar. She is a well talented singer and this song of hers called Taabu proves it

15. Vivian


Most of us came to know her after the collaboration with Jose chameleone in the song ‘charm.’ Vivian has continually released good music since then.

14. Nyota ndogo

Nyota ndogo

Even though she is not in the limelight like she used to be, nyota ndogo is extremely talented and continues to release good music. Watu na viatu is probably her best song ever.

13. Jovial


There is no denying it. Jovial is not just a singer. She is talented at it. No autotune and well composed music is what she does. She came to the limelight through the help of Otile brown

12. Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna

Diamond Platinumz’ baby mama is actually a talented singer. Through her collaboration with her baby daddy in Gere she proved that she was not just seeking attention for the wrong reasons. She can sing. Someone once said Ratchet girls need to start over.

11. Faith Stan

Faith Stan

Very talented girl from Kisii, Faith Stan is known for her hit song jirani which cemented her place in the hearts of Kenyan music. Faith once advised young girls to stop living wicked lives and change.

10. Avril


Since the Chokoza hit Avril has maintained a good profile in the music industry collaborating with the likes of Ay Tanzania and many others. It is Crystal clear that it’s not just luck or autotune but pure talent.

9. Wahu


Still a liar and sweet love are some of the songs of hers that still linger in people’s minds. Even now as a gospel singer she continues to do good.

8. Size 8

Size 8

As a secular artist she was amazing and even now as a gospel artist she still creates well composed music which leaves no doubts about her being gifted with the ability to sing.

7. Amani


She was good back then as a secular artist and she is still good now as a gospel artist. She is like the bridge between the old and the new.

6. Amani G

Amani G

She came to the world’s attention when her clip of her singing Alicia Keys’ song about a girl who is just a girl but was on fire went viral making it clear that she could sing really well. Since then she has blessed the world with top notch gospel songs like this one. She is still a teenage school girl who has her whole life ahead of her. It is really expected that she will grow to become one of the most prolific and prestigious female singers in the world.

5. Sanaipei Tande

Sanaipei Tande

She is legendary. She has been there during the times of E-Sir and she is still here gifting us with new and good music every single day. She is super talented and truly inspiring. In an interview with one radio presenter she said that there is no pride in girls living wretched lives.

4. Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami

She is a well talented songwriter. She is also good at singing and has an amazing stage presence. Her catalogue is flooded with hit songs so surely she is good at it. Recently, she bought a revolution in Christmas to support the needy during this Christmas season.

3. Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering when she won two Afrima awards.

She recently won Best Artiste RnB and Soul Award and Best Female Artiste East Africa Award at the Afrima, which didn’t come accidentally. She is going to make Kenyan music loved internationally because of her singing prowess. Incase you doubt it watch her singing.

2. Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro

Gloria is an amazing vocalist. Her song Sitolia was a massive hit and is the reason why Willy Paul is where he is today because of her generous presence in it. She has proved over and over again that she is not lucky but good and gifted at it. Narudisha is one of her best songs.

1. Sarah K

Sarah K

When people name their best musicians, they sometimes leave out gospel Musicians as if gospel music is not music. Sarah Kiarie is super talented and well crafted at composing, singing and performing music. Unless you are soulless, you ought to be spiritually lifted after listening to her music especially one of her songs called niinue.

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