How to deal with boredom and stay focused all year/How to achieve new year’s resolutions

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How do you deal with boredom? Do you have a problem staying focused to your goals? After making your new year’s resolutions, do you manage to focus on them for only the first month of the year then get distracted for the rest eleven months of the year? There is a reason why you get distracted and lose focus on the new year’s resolutions. That reason could be having a lot to do with how you deal with boredom.

Boredom led so many people into forming unfamiliar patterns of habit that eventually became familiar after getting repeated continuously. So many have gotten distracted to the point that they focus on their distractions forgetting about the goals they were supposed to focus on.

People forgot the reason why they started what they are doing now. They forgot what they were aiming at. They lost their target yet they do not know it because they have lost focus on the vision they were aiming to capture and now their focus is fully on their distractions.

A musician gets bored of the creative process. A call from one of his friends inviting him to a party distracts him from an idea that was just forming in his head. He stops the writing process of what could have been his major breakthrough and goes to the party. What was supposed to be one party turns out to be party after party everyday giving him no time to create content. Before he knows it another year is ending and his music career has not progressed. What other way could he have dealt with his boredom that couldn’t have led him to get distracted away from his focus like that.

There are people who start a year with big plans. Plans of buying a piece of Land and settling there. Some even have the money to do it immediately but they get distracted and end up losing their focus. They just get bored and end up in a club. What was meant to be one bottle turns to many and the drinking that was supposed to happen for one day turns into daily drinking and by the time one is regaining his initial thoughts of buying a piece of land, he or she is remaining with only a thousand shillings. That leads to stress and the grip on life is lost completely just because they did not deal with boredom properly when it initially happened.

I’ve heard of people who did foolish things just after feeling bored. Some people went to receive HIV/AIDS after feeling bored alone in the house. During that state of boredom, one might make a poor decision based on that feeling of being bored. You might decide to shout at your boss at work just because he is boring and that will be the end of your job. You can achieve your new year’s resolutions or not if only you can stay focused to your goals throughout the year and not your distractions.

When you feel bored about a particular goal that you are pursuing find a good distraction that will not waste your mind like let’s say jogging, going to the gym, playing Table tennis, watching a movie reading a book and  working out then set a reminder on your phone that will remind you to go back to pursuing your goals. The good distractions must not last for more than four hours a day. The distractions that are not bad are the ones that you are aware of and in control of. Bad distractions are those that are
based on hunches, urges or those influenced by your peers and content you watch or hear from popular streaming networks.

If you are to achieve your new year’s resolutions you have to stay focused on them throughout the year. If you feel bored don’t let yourself get distracted by someone or something else but instead be in control of the distraction by distracting yourself to a few hours of jogging or something that you like doing which also should be adding value to your life while keeping in mind all the time the resolutions you intend to make work. What you allow your mind to suggest to you at that point when you feel bored might be a crucial factor if you’re to progress in life or not. How you deal with boredom might seem a subtle issue but it could be a very important quality in your life.

Deal with boredom by doing something that is fun and worthwhile. Do not have meaningless fun. Whatever you do make sure it’s meaningful and adds value to your life may it be in terms of health, wealth or social connections. Whatever fun activities you choose to indulge in make sure it does not distract you away from pursuing your goals for a long time.

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