Loaded with cash!! Ringtone throws a huge party at his runda home and alleges Erick Omondi is always high on bhang

Ringtone/Erick Omondi

Controversial gospel musician threw a party in his home in which he invited many of his friends in the gospel entertainment industry.

Ringtone looked so happy as he joked about how he buys books from his friends who sell books just to support their hustle but never gets time to read them so he throws them on his ‘Stamford Bridge’ as he calls his bedroom. Ringtone said it’s not a must for gospel artists to be good in languages as long as they can sing in tongues.

Ringtone advised Kenyans not to take Erick Omondi seriously because he smokes bhang before he does anything else.

The guests were treated to roasted camel meat and had a lot fan in which a lot of funny things were said. Check the whole event as it happened;

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