The Traveler On a Mission

I’m not just a Traveller,
I am a traveler on a mission.
To the Evil I’m a terrorist,
To the good I’m missing missiles.
I’m not the kind who travels all
the way to Sychelles,
Just to sunbathe and see seashells.
I’m the kind of guy who means well,
while still drowning some dudes in deep wells.
In the sky I’m the eagle,
under water I’m the big shark,
in the jungle I can be anything I want to be.
The mission of the travel is to unravel what’s buried deep under  gravel,
This is not my country I’m just sitting at the embassy,
In connection with the Big Man upstairs who appointed me the ambassador of my nation in this nation,
I’m picking his calls when nightfalls I walk in his light seeing it all,
They swore allegiance to deceptive unions now they wail till their throats become sore.
My brother just be sorry,
the past is quickly catching up on you
and the only way to make it not swallow you alive is to confess it and ask for forgiveness.

I’m not just a traveler,
I’m a traveler on a mission.
I don’t need Visa,
I’m time travelling on this fleshy vessel.
The vacation is a flashy and fast life,
but the vessel must break or crash at one point and that’s the point I’ll be free to fly out of it into new horizons cause I was like caged inside it and there was no way I was going to be let out of it before accomplishing the mission I was sent to accomplish by the Great Commander of all Nations.

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