I can make Makena Njeri, Michelle Ntalami and every other lesbian go back to being straight

There is no man here

No woman is a lesbian. Lesbians acting as men need a real men like me to arouse the woman in them. Lesbians letting other women act as their men need guys like me to show them that all men are not horrible creatures whose main mission is to turn a woman into an ever submissive slave. When all men become manly all women will automatically be womanly.

We have to do what we are supposed to do as men by not letting a woman have her way when it comes to her wanting to be a man. We can’t give up on our women who have given up being women. Let’s arouse the women in them. As long as she is not transgender it means you as a man can have sex with her and make her pregnant. Let’s do that as men.

Real gentlemen should go to the likes of Makena Njeri and put them in their place. Make them submit. Make them feel safe. Take care of their needs. Remind her daily that she is a woman by treating her like one. Show her how good it is for a woman to be a woman and not want to be a woman.

I would understand if they were transgender because a transgender didn’t choose to be born that way. But if someone was born with just one sex there is no reason why they should want of feel like they are of the opposite sex.

No matter how tough a lesbian acting as a male wants to act she should remember that Conjestina Achieng is tougher yet she submitted to a man who got her pregnant and this doesn’t make her a lesser sex because that’s how it’s meant to be. A man is supposed to make a woman pregnant while the woman is supposed to carry the pregnancy and give birth. A woman is meant to become a mother and a woman is meant to be a father.

As for transgender people it’s understandable because they can have a hard time figuring out whether they are male, female or both.

Men, don’t be intimidated by tomboys. As long as she only has the female sex organ you can make love to her. She is just running away from herself so your task as a man is to make her find herself.

There are women who were tomboys as girls and now they have transformed into hot feminine women. Wearing baggy masculine clothes and acting like a man does not hide the fact that if stripped naked, your body is a woman’s.

Let her wear however she chooses to wear but when it comes to intimate matters, give it to her like you would any other woman. Most of these women assuming to be men have perfect female bodies but they hide them in men’s wear.

If I was close to one of the likes of Makena Njeri, and I liked her, I would do whatever it takes to bring the woman out of her. I would make sure she feels safe being a woman around me. I would help her overcome the fear of trusting a man by proving my loyalty and faithfulness. I would show her that I understand why she doesn’t feel safe with men by proving to her that not all men are unfaithful and not all men are after abusing her sexually or physically. I would be physically gentle with her and show her that she can be in control of the sex situation and a relationship as a woman with a man not as a woman assuming to be a man with another woman.

I would make her feel worthy of being a woman by treating her with the respect that all women deserve from their men. I would emphasize that I won’t try to take advantage of her being womanly. I would guide her whole self and her body to be the amazingly beautiful woman that she is. Her acting skills as a man wouldn’t scare me like they do most men if I feel attracted to her but instead I would slowly but surely remind her what it is like to be a woman by treating her like one and not being intimidated by her initial resistance. She might have convinced herself that she is a man meaning I will have to restore her back to factory settings so that she can realize that she is a woman.

If she hasn’t had her womb removed yet, I’ll make her pregnant and that’s when she will finally accept the difference between a man and a woman. After accepting that I will make her realize that that doesn’t make the female sex lesser than the male sex. She will know that she can dominate as a woman and I as a man hence those forces combined together will be unstoppable. 

In my imagination someone will argue that, “some women hate men for being men that’s why they think they are lesbians. They can’t stand men yet they still want to be men.  What was the gender equality struggle for if girls still want to be fought for? They still don’t want to make the first move. They still laugh at men who aren’t playing a man’s part so then they still believe they are the weaker sex. Okay women, next time don’t complain when men are still men. Just be a woman.” 

From my point of view, saying she is a lesbian is a cry for rescue to a man who can act as the screwdriver to fix her and straighten her.

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