Why William Ruto or Raila Odinga may never need your vote to win

Ruto & Raila at a past event.

In Africa, there is a speculation that the leaders in political seats are mostly not the ones voted by common folks. It is said that there is a chosen group of leaders who must win whether you all refuse to vote for them or not.

For instance, there was a time when Meru governor Kiraitu Murungi went campaigning in the Igembe area of Meru where he uttered remarkable remarks. Kiraitu, then a senator was rallying against Peter Munya who was the acting governor at the time. The Igembe and Tigania areas of Meru are known to be Peter Munya’s strongholds so Kiraitu being the kingpin of the Imenti merians met an Igembe crowd that was unwilling to listen to his sweet talk. After getting booed by the crowd which was chanting Peter Munya’s name, Kiraitu threw one hand in the air and with the other hand he brought the microphone he was holding closer to his mouth and said arrogantly,

“keep your votes I don’t need them. Even if you refuse to vote for me I will still win.”

He dropped the mic like a battle rapper and violently stormed out of the stadium soon after saying that. True to his word, Kiraitu won even though Munya had been voted for by all the people of Igembe and Tigania combined as well as some Imenti people from Buuri. The people apparently chose Munya but Kiraitu was sworn in.

The irony of African political contests is that the winner is always placed second while the loser is number one. The winner is made worn out watching the loser getting sworn in. That’s why they say that politics is a dirty game which can never be fair.

There is someone scheduled to be the fifth president of Kenya. Whether it’s William Ruto or Raila Odinga, that’s a decision that has already been made. The election is for making blindfolded fools think that they have a say in the whole process of deciding who is going to lead.

What say do you have you who thinks that somebody won because they were elected by the majority just because you happened to have voted for them? What say do you have if after the leaders you ‘elected’ get sworn in you won’t be able to have access to them or their offices until after five years? Bills you don’t like are being passed in parliament and there is nothing you can do about it. Parts of the constitution that mean good to you are being amended and replaced by the ones that mean harm to you and you can’t do anything about it even if you might want to.

Look at what Babu Owino did to Dj Evolve. Why is he still at large? The people of Embakasi East don’t see that huge red flag! Did Okoth Obado pay for what he did to Sharon? So many unsolved crimes allegedly committed by our so called leaders. What’s this? Why do you think your voice counts when you have no authority over the people you chose to represent you? Does your opinion even matter? Many times we have seen people dissapear just because of giving honest opinions about somebody. Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza mizigo initiative was what every Kenyan wanted to be put into practice but what did the people we supposedly chose to represent us do? They ignored it like it wasn’t so good and the best initiative they could come up with was Building Bridges Initiative which was nowhere near good compared to Punguza mizigo initiative.

If Africans have sense, Men like Ekuru Aukot deserve to be presidents. But who do they vote for? The same guys who have a history of looting, land grabbing, attempted coup, infidelity among other unmentionable vices. Wait! Does the majority really vote for them? Probably not because if the majority really does vote for these kind of guys, then the majority is dumb.

Ekuru Aukot.

Lately, I have been thinking that the real leaders never get the chance to lead from the front. My intuition is telling me that there is a group that controls whatever the people get. There are products that never make it to the market because of blockage by those people who have flooded it with theirs. There are books the public can’t access because of the knowledge they possess. There is music that would open your eyes but they will never let you get in touch with it. They control the options you get. They give you multiple options of their own liking to make you feel like you have a choice. None of what or whom deserves to be chosen make it to the list of choices. They give you a list comprising of bad, worse and worst so that you have no other option but to pick the option that hurts you the least. These restrictions only make the truth more valuable but this system values valueless.

As we head closer to the 2022 general elections, know that the fifth president of Kenya has already been decided. If you accidentally vote for him, well and good. If you and everyone else doesn’t vote for him, he will have majority of votes finally. If we all don’t vote, he will still have majority of votes. If I were you on that day I would buy two KGs of popcorn and watch thirteen episodes of the latest series. If you want to vote, vote for fun but know that your vote does not count when your opinion does not count and you have no say in how the government is ran. How does it become your business only during elections then it isn’t your business after elections and if you dare speak up you are silenced like the Kianjakoma Brothers?

Let’s boycott voting. Let them vote themselves in like they have always done. Let them go and represent themselves like they have always done but this time you will feel good knowing that they lead themselves not you. Start leading yourself too. Be the president of your own state of mind. I’m LMAO that somebody wants to be the president of Kenya. Which Kenya? They destroyed Kenya, they looted Kenya, they grabbed Kenya and kept it for themselves. They raped Kenya. They chained Kenya and like the historic Arab slave traders, sold the remaining part to China. It’s everyone for himself and God for us all. Why vote for someone to lead you when you can lead yourself? Jiongoze. Usipojituma Utatumwa.

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