For the first time I ended a old year and began a new year how my mother has always wanted [ video ]

This is how my crossover from 2021 to 2022 went down. The last moments of 2021 and the first moments of 2022 found me in church.

A random dude once said that you cannot keep doing the same things over and over yet keep expecting different results. For this reason that I found absolutely true, I decided to do things differently and wait for different results.

Lately it has been scary for me to imagine a new year finding me passed out in a nightclub full of drunkards having drunk alcohol during the last moments of a old year. I’ve been having this notion that spending a night drinking alcohol with whores drooling all over you in a nightclub is like spending a night in a morgue while still alive.

Because that scares me, I’ve been feeling safe in church where there are no chaos or insults being hurled in the air.

My mother has always urged me to spend the final moments of a dying year thanking God for taking me through it and ensure that I am in church when a new year begins so that I can ask for his guidance through another year.

I always took my mother’s advice for granted because I thought that it didn’t matter but in the past year I can be a witness that God really exists and that He answers those who seek Him. I realized how lost I was before that not knowing that God was saving me from experiences most people don’t come out of alive and with a sane mind.

Now I know how good it is to be with the Lord in every step you take and to acknowledge Him in every breakthrough that comes. Passing over a year at the nightclub is not bad until you feel how empty it leaves you for a whole year and another and realize that the reason for your emptiness is your disobedience.

Therefore Youths who are obedient will find life to be easy. Your mother or father always wishes you well so obey them when they tell you what is good to do.

On 31st December 2021 at almost nine past midnight I was already in church among those dancing(while sober) and praising the Lord my God with everything that he gave me for free.

After three hours of praising and worshipping God, a ten second countdown to another year began. At exactly 0000hrs on Jan 1st 2022, we welcomed the new year’s eve with shouts of joy. From then on Reverend Joel Nzioki preached a message to usher in the new year.

We had readings from Deuteronomy 11: 8- 9, Judges 6:25-26, Jeremiah 1: 9-10 in which we learnt to observe God’s commandments as he crosses us over to the land of milk and honey. We also learnt that we have been given the authority to uproot everything we don’t desire in our lives.

I thank God for uprooting me from evil places and replanting me in a good place where I can nourish. I thank God for giving me a second life in one lifetime. It’s necessary to kill an outdated version of you and get born again. That was how I ended 2021 and began 2022. It was fun yet it didn’t cost me much. I’ve a short video below that shows you a little bit of how I celebrated the new year. Happy new year! 💕

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