I am not like Edgar obare or Robert Alai because I am not a blogger

I’m not a blogger. Bloggers look forward to controversies so that they can create stories out of them. They at times make up stories about real people when they have nothing to write about which is almost always. Bloggers love to gossip. I don’t love to gossip. My take is that bloggers are mostly opinionated individuals who want their followers to take their assumptions as facts.

I am not a blogger. First of all I like to think that I am a journalistic writer then I am a rapper so according to me that makes me a journalist. To be a journalist means being a mass communicator. My dream was to be on TV or on Radio but I have always had bad first impressions so every single time I turned up for auditions, I never got a second chance to bring out my whole self. Journalists use a medium of their choice to communicate to the masses. Other journalists use more than one medium to convey messages to the masses.

Media is the plural form of medium. Since I’m not on Tv, Radio or writing for a popular newspaper and I can’t stop being a journalist just because some people haven’t offered me the chance to practice, I figured that I had to choose two mediums of my choice to practice with indipendently. That’s why I chose music and a website Journal. Music because I can rap and a website Journal because I can write. Instead of sitting around waiting for a newspaper to call me up or a label to sign me, I saw it wise to keep getting experience on my own. Being independent is not easy but it’s better than sitting and waiting.

I am not a blogger. I am just a musician who has not yet found his audience and who writes articles about anything that clicks in his mind in the hope of finding a connection with certain audiences.

Music is part of the media and musicians are just journalists whose medium is music. Bloggers could be journalists but most of them do not care about how accurate or factual the information they convey is as long as it generates them traffic. Bloggers rarely write feature articles. They want to please those social media users who loath the truth but only love to read stories about who embarrassed themselves, whose nudes were leaked, which celebrity’s sextape surfaced online, who dissed who, who was booed offstage and so on.

I must admit that gossip is sweet and I can’t blame them for wanting to satisfy their audience but I am looking for a different audience. An audience that understands when I’m just giving my opinion which I’m not trying to impose as the truth. An audience that does not get mad when I pick my top five best artists and their favorite is not on the list because they understand that we all have different tastes and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

I’m looking for that audience that doesn’t feel entitled or opinionated about the kind of articles I write here because they know know that I don’t feel entitled or opinionated when expressing my thoughts. They understand that at the end of the day these are just my expressions which don’t particularly have to be right to them because they too are free to express their own truth.

My target audience are not those people who expect me to write what’s on their mind and not what’s on my mind. I want to connect with an audience that has no expectations, willing to flow and not minding surprises. Willing to hear something that’s not trending online because they are clever enough to figure that what’s trended online trended because someone gave attention to something that was not trending at the time and was not mean so he/she shared it with others and that’s how it trended.

I don’t like people who wait for something to trend for them to share it. That only means that they are not confident enough to share something that hasn’t been seen by anyone else so they want to wait for someone else to share it first and if the results are good then they suddenly start bragging about how they were the first to come across the item. These are enemies of progress. The kind of people who won’t believe in you until you make it. They don’t want to be associated with something that’s in the process but they want to associate with something that’s over the process and made it that’s why they are missing out on a lot of things.

They get surprised when someone new makes it because how could they ever have seen it coming when they were busy giving all the support they got to already established acts who probably no longer even need their support. People who have made it know what I’m saying. That there are people who wait for someone to become successful to start claiming how they are big fans of them but when he was struggling they couldn’t even click on his videos. I want the audience that is with me from the rough beginning of the journey, all through the deserts, the famines, the scorching sun, the rain, the floods up until the bumper harvest.

I don’t care much about those who jump into the ship when the storm is over. They come in when the sea is calm and the sky is clear. They don’t come when when I’m tilling land under the scorching sun. They come in when the store is white with harvest and they want to claim a share. I may welcome them but I don’t really value them because I’m sure they would stop caring and disassociate themselves from me if another storm started ensuing. I want an audience that is ready to share something that is worthy of sharing not those who wait to share something that has already been seen by everybody and everyone is talking about it because what’s the point of sharing something that has already circulated everywhere?

What if those who cared to share it were mean? Would it have trended so that you could finally receive it then share it as if the difference hasn’t already been made? Be Ready to read a story about someone you don’t know who’s not a celebrity. I don’t like people who want their definition of perfect to be everyone’s. You have met the kind of people who are looking for a mistake in everything and pointing out corrections assuming that their opinions must matter. Those are the kinds of people I think bloggers want to please that’s why I am not a blogger.

I might have written two or three articles about controversial trending stories involving popular celebrities but that’s only when I thought that those stories were not rumours and might have been of some kind of significance to the audience I was trying to bond with.

This is the space for me as an artist to put my mass communication skills into practice and communicate with my audience on a regular basis because it takes time to release one piece of music and before it gets released I won’t just wait doing nothing while my journalistic skill goes to waste. That’s why I have to have a medium like this one to communicate my expressions with those who care. Those who care matter and those who don’t care don’t matter so obviously I won’t care about them not caring because I won’t even be aware.

I want to be a radio King like Maina Kageni. I wanted to write for The Star, The People Daily or The Daily Nation. But now I’m using my rap medium and my Web Journal because ‘hizi ndio ziko’ available for me at the moment and I can’t just give up because those who run these big media companies haven’t validated me. I love some bloggers yes but I do not specialize in that category. The word blogger doesn’t quite describe me that’s why I like to call this a Journal, not a blog.

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