These are the Beautiful days spoken word poetry [with video]

These are the Beautiful days

These are the Beautiful days
bright and colourful
in so many ways
making it safe to say
happiness actually pays
and paves the way for wealth and good health to come in
kindness is valuable and has never been gullible
gratitude is worth a lot more
I remember standing in a escalator going up the mall
thinking about the days I wished I could elevate
I had to regulate my body
not letting it lead me to masterbate 
or letting my heart master hate nor alternate love for hate which I’m sure would detonate it
I had to relegate my fears, my stuggles, my worries
I had to take the risk of losing control
and giving it up to God
Ever since then I’ve been enjoying freedom
I should have realized earlier that
the prison walls existed nowhere else but in my mind
my thoughts had been holding me captive
I had to change them
releasing myself from limiting myself
and then magically my mind expanded
my soul became refreshed
I started seeing beyond the horizon
the view is beautiful wonderful
Clear panorama
I love the sweet scents and aroma
day dreaming of romance in Roma
I know I’m not the first to accomplish this
But truly it got me feeling how Obama felt to be the first black president of the USA
If you had met me earlier you would say
That I was hopeless homeless searching for  happiness
Till divine light found it’s way through my cracked soul
like rays of light getting through a crack in the wall
making me survive the nightfall
getting the dark times to pave way for the dawn of these Better days
my thoughts have been purified no longer walking blindfolded in a daze
cause there is no way I’m going to miss the lovely feeling of these beautiful days.

These are the Beautiful days,
These are the Beautiful days,
These are the Beautiful days.

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