Court orders woman to compensate husband $120,000 for siring him an ugly kid

Shocking revelations are seemingly never ending when technology is doing more harm than good in deceiving the eyes of people when it comes to physical attractions.

Women and some men of nowadays go to great lengths in doing anything that makes them look beautiful or good-looking and hides their true self away from men for them to achieve their goals in life.

Majority of women want to be married and are willing to do anything to be married to that one special man they have been eyeing for so long.

A Chinese woman has found herself in trouble for altering her body and facial features to deceive her husband.

Her husband has sued her in court for giving birth to an ugly daughter which reveals her true nature. She therefore has been ordered to pay a sum of $120,000 to the husband because of deceit.

From the occurrence, it’s laughable to think that the lady never imagined of giving birth to an ugly child because she may have thought that the plastic surgery would make the children she gives birth to come out beautiful as if someone performed plastic surgery on them while they were in her womb.

Unluckily, she gave birth to a child who looks exactly how she looked like before she did plastic surgery.

The husband identified as Jian Feng has had his wife charged in court for giving birth to an “incredibly ugly” kid.

 Jian Feng is quoted as saying during an interview with Irish Times;

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me”.

He continues to explain that issues with his wife begun when she gave birth to the girl child because he felt that the woman cheated on him to have the child.

He even had a DNA test which apparently confirmed that he is the father of the child and it was at that point that the lady confessed of going under the surgical knife to beautify her body including her facial appearance.

Due to pressure she went on to confirm that she spent a total of $100,000 in South Korea on numerous surgeries to help her attain the perfect beauty she has now.

After this confession the husband decided to sue her in court for deceit , false pretense and scam which the judge approved by fining her a total amount of $120,000.

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