Meet the woman who has gotten married to her favorite color pink

A woman is in the news for doing something uncanny. Yes! the 58- year- old made history by marrying her favourite colour- pink.

The woman namely Kitten Kay Sera held a gigantic wedding ceremony so she could marry the colour in Las Vegas on New Year’ s Day, January 1, 2022.

Sera made up her mind to take the serious step following an ” intimate relationship” with the colour pink for more than forty years.

The decision to marry her favourite colour came two years ago when a child skateboarding made a jibe at her for putting on the bright shade.

She mentioned; ” A boy said to me on a skateboard, amazing you love pink, right? I responded by saying, yeah, I love the colour so much, and he goes, You love it so much, why don’ t you tie the knot with it? I thought, this child’ s on to something. “

For Sera’ s wedding, she dressed in a pink gown, fluffy pink coat, pink hair and a dazzling pink tiara. All of her jewelleries and even her lipstick were also pink.

Sera took in a very large swatch of the colour down the aisle with her.

The swatch consisted of five different shades, which she claims are her favorite.

” I’ m actually in love with colour pink and I’ m marrying it, ” Sera informed KVVU.

” Indeed, I have a very large pink swatch, like a pink paint swatch, so the colors are like my favorite, ” Sera disclosed.

” They are all listed, I’ ll be holding my pink swatch. “

Hundreds of guests attended the wedding. These guests celebrated her love for the colour by wearing pink.

Loved ones, family and friends wore pastel pink suits, pink shoes in Sin City. According to report, even a dog donned a pink tutu.

Pink flowers were laid on the floor as Sera walked down, she mentioned: ” I think people have partners but I have a colour! “

As Sera read out her vows, she sat on the back of an open- top pink convertible and held a giant bouquet of flowers.

While she vowed to put on the colour ” untill the day she joins her ancestors” , Sera mentioned she encourages everyone to do what they love while they still can.

” Just have fun with it! Have a ball, ” she mentioned. ” You’ re only here for a little bit of time. Have a blast. “

Watch her video below:

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