How to easily get More Likes

Methods to assist you make strong social bonds.

1. Be authentic

When doing things to get people to like you, do it with good intentions at heart, with the good motive of forming authentic social connections. Usually, people will like you less if they feel like you are trying to win them over for mere personal gain.

2. Pose questions to show that you are responsive.

Let your questions come from genuine curiosity to show that you are attentive and interested in what the other person has to say. Become more interested in other people than you are in making a good impression and you will become a good impression.

3. Don’t forget people’s names.

You make people feel important when you remember their names . Failing to remember someone’s name, minimizes the chances of that relationship ever taking off. A major key to connecting with others is to remember their names. If you don’t remember their name don’t ask them or say you forgot it. Try to retrieve it from your memory and if you can’t just relax until you hear somebody else calling them by the name you had forgotten. Don’t embarrass yourself by saying to someone that you forgot their name.

4. Avail yourself and make yourself visible.

Get exposed to something more to develop a liking for it. It’s the reason why people choose to listen to music from familiar musicians instead of new tunes from unknown upcoming Musicians and elect political candidates who are already established and have notable media exposure. People will grow fonder of acquaintances if they interact with them more. The relationship cannot graduate to another level without both parties interracting. Go to public gatherings at the same time daily to increase the chances of meeting with the same people regularly. Be seen but do not make it awkward by exaggerating it.

5. Put on a smiling face.

Regardless of the saying, “never judge a book by its cover,” most people on a daily basis judge people according to how they appear to be. People often make assumptions that attractive people are more competent and socially skilled than others as well as more likable. A colorful smile can make someone more attractive. 

6. Make them feel warmth and comfort.

It’s obvious that people like people who gift them with good feelings. The way to making people like you is to make them feel good when you are around them. Be warm, polite, kind and positive. Compliment people genuinely. When watching a movie with someone you just got acquainted to, choose a happy film over a sad one. Show positivity on social media as well. You can express your feelings of anxiety or depression only during intimate conversations with one or few of your most trusted friends.

7. Communicate that you like them.

Liking is usually mutual. Certainly, one of the most powerful factors that determine whether we should continue liking someone is, “do they like us back?” In little ways, let other people know that you like them too. Just say, (“I felt good hanging out with you tonight”) or say it nonverbally by smiling when you encounter them again.

8. Find out similar traits shared

We almost always automatically like people we share common interests, values, and personality traits with. Hence, the old saying “birds of a feather flock together” is more accurate than the myth that “opposites attract.” Make an effort to meet people who share your interests. Like playing Table tennis? Join a table tennis club (or start your own). Want to learn how to become more fit? Attend gym sessions where you’ll meet others with the same interest. Once you meet a person with the same interests as yours, find out other things you might have in common. These similarities lay out a common ground from which true friendship can bloom and blossom.

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