I won’t be Akuku Danger! I am okay today/I’m okay Leo/Amokele: All about the song

Amokele is a song about a girl who does not value herself so she messes things up with those who value her and ends up at the mercy of those who don’t care about her.

The title Amokele is derived from I’m okay Leo which means I am okay today. The artist is expressing that he is okay without the girl he has been in a toxic relationship with and now she wants to be back to him but he does not want her back ever.

In the song’s hook there are metaphorical references to Akuku Danger ( the luo man who was polygamous) , Mosese ( a character from the book betrayal in the city), Akoko ( an African Lady).

When the creator sounds like, “yeah I’m so okeke he means that he is so okay ‘kay(okay), I got my Akoko means I got my African Lady, good service by Mosese means that even in the midst of a betrayal in the city the creator has got loyal friends who would fight for him like Mosese did for his state in betrayal in the city. I won’t be Akuku is the creator’s way of promising his Akoko( African Lady) that he will not cheat on her with other women.

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