Jesse Came Down to earth to lift up your spirits.


The Foul mouthed negro.

The Foul mouthed negro is a short and sweet tale about how black Americans behave when they come to Africa. Buy it now for only 3$


Jesse Came Down to earth to lift up your spirits.

The King, Kaka finally back to being happy. Health back in order.

Supporters of Kenyan Music and especially King Kaka fans have a reason to be happy as the King is apparently back to being happy. We all know how he was misdiagnosed a few months ago and the agony he went through but now it’s crystal clear that his energy is back in order. In a […]

The Harder They Fall: All There is to know about the Star-Studded movie.

What’s the movie about? The Harder They Fall follows two outlaws, Nat Love and Rufus Buck, and the clash between their rival gangs. Decades ago, Rufus killed Nat’s parents, and Nat’s hellbent on revenge once he discovers Rufus’s crew is breaking him out of prison. Joined by Stagecoach Mary, Bill Pickett, and Jim Beckwourth, Nat sets […]

Antisocial but social in social media.

It’s not news that these days almost everyone is trying to get social media attention. This is inspired by success of those who went viral and trended on social media for some video they shared on one of their social media accounts. Everyone from police officers , Medics, Soldiers, Teachers etc. wants a share of […]

Guy dies of the same poison he intended for his friend.

A video of a guy (unidentified) poisoning a friend (unindentified) he was drinking with after he went to the washrooms is doing rounds on social media. The guy added poison to his friend’s drink after the friend excused himself to the washrooms. The people in that club however noticed what this guy had done and […]

King Kaka set to release new video featuring Nviiri the storyteller.

In his Facebook page the veteran rapper and spoken word maestro has broken the news to his fans that they should expect a new video involving him and Sol generation’s Nviiri the storyteller on Monday at 10 am. While promoting the upcoming project release, King Kaka also insinuates that it would be entertaining for ‘them’ […]


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